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If you’re thinking you know what a cruise might be like, I’m pretty sure you never imagined it to be like The Waterfront on Norwegian Getaway.  How would you like to stroll along a quarter mile oceanfront walkway lined with shops, restaurants, and bars?  If that sounds like fun, then take a walk along the Waterfront on Norwegian Getaway.  Whether you’re looking to enjoy a meal or a drink at any one of the restaurants or bars located outside along the Waterfront, the views are pretty spectacular.  

Restaurants located on the Waterfront: La Cucina, Cagney’s, Moderno, Ocean Blue, and Dolce Gelato
Bars located on the Waterfront: Sugarcane Mojito Bar, Sunset Bar, The Grammy Experience

But everything on the Waterfront on the Norwegian Getaway isn’t as predictable as you might expect. It’s not all restaurants and bars, but quiet moments, too.  Here’s a short list of what you might see or do on the Waterfront

  • Play your guitar uninterrupted like this young man who had this section of the deck all to himself.  
  • How about watching someone walking 8 feet over the side of the ship on “The Plank”?
  • Catch a view of the water down below between the lifeboats. 
  • Spend a little time looking off into the distance.
  • You might catch sight of another ship like I did when I saw a Disney ship sail alongside us.
  • Decipher a story: Every part of the ship, including the life preservers, tell a story.
  • Take in the wake behind you, which is mesmerizing any time of day.
  • Watch the sun rise or set:  The sunset was spectacular viewed from the Waterfront. 
  • You can walk with a drink in hand around the Waterfront and simply enjoy the view.

Connecting one of the most central parts of the ship, the restaurants and shops with the external deck makes the Waterfront on Norwegian Getaway a natural gathering place during the day and night.  I saw people gathered in groups, couples, and even solo cruisers, too.  Some were reading, some enjoying a drink or two, and others playing card games or talking.  

Maybe you’ve never taken a cruise before.  My advice would be to push past that uncomfortable feeling that says a cruise isn’t right for you and try one.  The Norwegian Getaway is full of great surprises, like the Waterfront, and I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised overall.  If you’ve cruised before but never on a newer ship, I highly recommend making your next cruise one on the Norwegian Getaway!

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