Why advertise on Travel Shop Girl? By advertising on Travel Shop Girl, be it as a sponsored blog post, banner advertising, social media post, or a mixture of all three, I can deliver an extensive reach as well as deep engagement. Because I have complete control over Travel Shop Girl, I can also work with your bespoke advertising requests, personally ensuring that all of your requirements are met.

If you represent as tourist destination or a related business, a sponsored trip can be an extremely effective way of increasing brand awareness by inspiring potential consumers through a media that speaks directly on a personal and trusted level. Sponsored trips with Travel Shop Girl come complete with a comprehensive series of posts about the destination with appropriate links, as well as social media posts that can reach thousands of people who are passionate about travel.  

Global traffic:
USA: 57%
UK: 9%
Canada 6%
Australia: 4%
Rest of the world: 24%

Site Traffic Stats:
Available on request

Networking information:

  • Social Media Followers: 32,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 19,000+
  • FaceBook Followers: 8,400+
  • Twitter Followers: 4,900+
  • Other Social Accounts:  2000+

Social Media Presence:
Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat

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