My Current Obsessions

5039773_origSometimes I am singularly focused, but most times I have several concurrent obsessions. Here are a few of my current obsessions…

Song of the Week:  “Bad at Love”  by Halsey. She kills this song and is like no one else so kind of have to love her for that.

Book of the Week: “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis.” I’m strongly attracted to anyone’s story that makes their dysfunctional family look more dysfunctional than my own.

Movie of the Week:
The Glass Castle: Featuring Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts. Continuing with the theme of dysfunctional families from above, this movie makes everyone else’s family look normal.

Past Movies of the Week: These are movies I saw recently and I’m not quite ready to let them go just yet:

I Origins (2014): This science fiction drama film premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.  If you believe even a little in reincarnation and aren’t looking for a sappy love story, then you have to watch this movie.

TV ShowsThe Walking Dead: Seriously. How can I love/hate Negan so much?

Instagram:  Fitness, travel, tattoos, sugar bagels (donuts), cat puppies (kittens) – that’s just a few of the stuff I obsess about and get my fix on Instagram.   Have you checked out Travel Shop Girl on Instagram?

GoPro: With my GoPro in hand, I’m equipped to be a photography beast.  Stay out of my way or I’ll whack you with my monopod!

Tattoos: Definitely not for everyone, but I am loving researching tattoos, tattoo styles, and of course, art.

All Things Ghost Related: I’m so into paranormal investigations now and plan to incorporate them more frequently into my regular travel.

My novel: Yes, in addition to writing about travel, I’m also writing a book.  A fictional novel based in exotic locations around the world, this story is about a woman in the midst of a crisis.  What path will she take in her life?  Will she make the right decision?

Photobombing: If you have a camera and I’m nearby, I’m probably going to try to get into your picture.  Just giving you a heads up now, ok?

And, of course, planning my next trip.