Dining and Drinking in Nuremberg, Germany

While in Germany you might think your only food options might be a large plate of German food accompanied by a stein of beer, but you’d be wrong.  Nuremberg offers visitors to its great city the chance to sample food and beverages from all over the world.  Here’s just a sample of a few of the places I visited during my stay that are perfect for dining and drinking in Nuremberg

After walking over some of the many bridges in Nuremberg and taking numerous photos, I was ready for a cold drink.  It was so hot!  One of the staff at Hotel Drei Raben suggested we try Schnepperschütz, so when we tripped across it on our walk, it seemed like the perfect time to stop.  Karla found a seat on the steps out front while I went inside to order a few drinks.  I was highly motivated to get a beer and it was only later that I saw the full menu outside that included beer.  I ended up ordering two drinks, Twiggy Bee (Raspberry Fields/Prosecco/Mint) and Orphée (Prosecco/Ginger Ale/Mint).  The view of the people in the park nearby and those riding their bikes easily made up for the lack of mint available for my drink.  I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to stop back here and grab a coffee, beer, or a glass of wine in the future.

Am Hallertor 3

After we left Schnepperschütz we continued onward with discovering and exploring Nuremberg.  After walking what felt like the entire city, I was ready to get out of the heat and get my drink on. That’s why when I saw SEON, a restaurant/lounge/bar that offers both indoors and outdoor seating.  There’s plenty of seating in the outside area with cushions and umbrellas to provide you with protection from the sun.

After looking over the menu, we opted for a few frozen drinks for our first round, followed by a few beers and a few more frozen drinks.  Remember I said it was hot? While SEON does offer a full service menu, we only ordered some fries with cheese before we headed back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

TSG Tip:  While I enjoyed the service, food, and drinks at SEON, you should know that there is a coach stop for the cruise lines right in front of this restaurant.  This means that there are buses constantly pulling in and either letting passengers on or off.  If you’re looking to have a quiet conversation, this is possible but can be difficult at times.

Augustiner Str.1-3
90403 Nuremberg
Phone +49 911 23735510

After returning to the hotel, Karla and I parted ways for a few hours to catch some much needed rest.  We set a time to meet back up and go out for dinner, but unbeknownst to us, not much was open after 9 pm.  After walking around for a while in search of food, we landed on Chilli’s Mexican Restaurant y Bar, an American-Mexican restaurant.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be eating Mexican food on my first evening in Germany! We chose Chilli’s because there were people seated both outside and on the outdoor patio upstairs, which seemed like a good sign.

Not wanting to pass up on a chance to sample a margarita, I opted for the Mango Margarita followed by a Strawberry Margarita.  While the drinks were small, they were good, but definitely lacked an authentic margarita taste.  What I did like was the “tomate de arbol” garnish, a fruit I haven’t seen since my time in Colombia.

Dining and Drinking in Nuremberg
Veggie burrito with salad

For my entree, I was happy they did have a vegetarian option so I chose the veggie burrito with a side salad.  Unfortunately, it came out far faster than I probably would’ve liked, which is often a sign Chef Mike (the microwave) is hard at work in the kitchen.  Was it the best burrito I’ve ever had? No, but I was hungry and would’ve eaten just about anything at that point.

While our server was definitely new and inexperienced and I would never call the food authentic Mexican, considering the choices we had, it was an acceptable option.  But the view from the second floor patio overlooking Lorenzkirche (St. Lawrence Church) is what is truly memorable about this restaurant.  That and the cigarette machine was worth the price of admission, I mean the vegetable burrito.

Chilli’s Mexican Restaurant y Bar
Pfannenschmiedsgasse 1
90402 Nürnberg
Website: www.chillis-nuernberg.de

Dining and Drinking in Nuremberg

Whether you’re looking for falafel, pizza, sushi, Thai, Greek, Vietnamese, German or a host of other cuisines, you’ll definitely find a large variety of offerings in Nuremberg, Germany.   Don’t forget to leave room for the gelato as it is big (I’m talking huge!) in Europe with many gelato shops available on what seems like every street.

If you’re in the mood for authentic German food, you’ll find that and more in my next post about Heilig-Geist-Spital.