HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel Drei Raben | Nuremberg, Germany

Hotel Drei Raben Nuremberg
Hotel Drei Raben entrance

I was super ecstatic to finally be able to drop my bags off and dig into Nuremberg and all that it had to offer.  My first stop was at my hotel, Hotel Drei Raben (Hotel Three Ravens), a small boutique hotel located near Nuremberg Hauptbanhof (the central train station). Located only about 300 meters from the train station exit, it was close enough to walk, despite a short stretch along cobblestone, before hitting flat pavement and sidewalks.  Simply exit the train station and walk straight toward the hotel.  No turning, no need to ask for directions — it’s as simple as that!

My requirements for a good hotel stay are basic, but definitely include the following:

  • Clean rooms with comfortable beds
  • Clean bathroom with good water pressure
  • Professional and friendly service

Did I consider my stay at Hotel Drei Raben a great stay? Read on…

As I had never visited Nuremberg before, I was worried I might not be able to locate the hotel.  But with clear signage out front, it wasn’t hard to spot the three ravens in the historic center of Old Nuremberg.

The three raven theme is evident throughout the hotel and I enjoyed trying to find as many of the trio as I could.  Why Three Ravens? Legend has it that for hundreds of years there have been three ravens sitting on the chimney of this house.   Here’s an excerpt from the “Legends of Nuremberg” booklet from the hotel:

…while nearby three black ravens circle deeper and deeper round the roof of an old Nuremberg inn.  They alight on the chimney and tell the guests of the secrets of their town. The guests in their comfortable rooms stretch out in the pleasant warmth of the stove, relax in the nice-smelling blankets and listen attentively to the ancient legends of the their hosts, recounted by the three ravens.

Immediately to the right after entering the hotel is the front desk.  The futuristic pod sits near the front window and it is here that staff can check you in, but are also available to help you with anything you might need during your stay.  On more than one occasion we asked about food, directions, and all sorts of things and each time we were met with prompt and courteous responses.  Kudos to the hotel for hiring such wonderful and qualified staff.

TSG Tip: Keys to the rooms are on a large keychain with an attached metal “raven.” Don’t try to take your key with you when you leave to go into town.  Instead, simply drop it off at the front desk and collect it on your return.

Hotel Drei Raben NurembergAfter you grab your keys, walk by the lounge area to get to your room.  By day the lounge is where you can enjoy a full breakfast before setting out to explore Nuremberg.  At night the lounge becomes CocktailBAR RABENwein, a fun destination where you can “get a ‘slow wine,’ a chicque aperitif or a cool cocktail.”  The mood lighting in this area helps create the perfect ambience for either breakfast or that special molecular cocktail you’ve been craving.

Hotel Drei Raben NurembergSlide past this small hallway to get to the elevator or stairs to go up to your room.

To reach your room, you can take either the elevator or stairs to one of the 16 mythical unique themed rooms and 4 suites.

Myth Rooms: For 1-2 people.  Mythical theme decor, 4-star standard and service (LCD-TV with DVD, CD sound system with USB- & iPod-connection, safe, minibar, telephone, air conditioning system, free WLan)

Junior Suites: “Legend and Bathtub Enchantment” for 1-3 persons.  A legend brought to life in script, decor and sandstone.  Standing in the  middle of the room an enchanting bathtub.  Complete with separate shower, and with all the comfort and service you would expect from a 4-star hotel (LCD-TV with DVD, CD sound system with USB- & iPod-connection, safe, minibar, telephone, air conditioning system, free WLan)

I stayed in Myth Room 41, the Martin Behaim room.  Why is it called this?  It is the room with a “useless ball” – a globe built by none other than Behaim.  Here’s what the hotel says about the room:

In India, there grow a lot of spices, aloes, a lot of oriental precious stones and pearls … Were these the words which tempted Columbus to look for the Indian continent, taking this unusual route. He, who looks at the first terrestrial globe made by Martin Behaim, can see these promising words written on it, apart from many other pieces of advice.

Europe and Asia are painted on it as neighbouring continents, the only ones in the whole world. America does not exist. In 1492, Columbus, too, used the same conception of the world and started his voyage in a western direction. It is exactly at this period that Martin Behaim made his terrestrial globe. It is the oldest preserved globe. When Columbus returned, the Earth was richer by one continent, and Behaim’s work was out-dated.

This terrestrial globe was designed to be the first of a whole series. Without America, the globe was, however, a useless ball. It is still in the Germanisches National Museum (Germanic National Museum) in Nuremberg, while Martin Behaim died in Lisbon in 1507 a poor man.

In Room no. 41 you will find one of these useless balls…

While my heart hurt for poor Martin Behaim, once I arrived in room 41, I was ready to crash. A large and extremely cushy and comfortable bed fills the majority of the space, but you’ll also find a desk area, closet with a safe and minibar, and the bathroom off to one side.  I didn’t expect the 90° weather in Nuremberg and immediately turned on the air conditioning in the room in an attempt to cool off.  I was half asleep when I arrived so when I returned later and the room was still hot, I never noticed that the windows were open and needed to be shut.  Regardless of the temperature, I absolutely slept like a baby in that bed.

TSG Tip: Europeans, unlike Americans, don’t feel the need to blast the air conditioning. While I craved cool air from any source, I noticed that windows were open and 99% of stores and businesses don’t have air conditioning on or at full blast.  Give yourself time to acclimate and enjoy the cross ventilation and cool breezes when you can get them.

Hotel Drei Raben NurembergFront and center on my bed was the cutest welcome sign from the hotel.  I didn’t notice until later that it was addressed to “Mr. Krueger,” but that’s ok — better than “Mrs. Krueger,” right?

The bathroom was generous in size and larger than what I have at home.  The water pressure in the shower was fantastic and the water was hot, but not scalding.  I loved the generous ledge above the sink to put out all of my toiletries as well as the makeup mirror and the heated towel rack.  But I have to admit that the Molton Brown bath products were a lovely touch, which put a smile on my otherwise exhausted face.  Nothing smells better than Molton Brown!

Hotel Drei Raben NurembergWhen trying to decide between a large, chain hotel while traveling abroad or a small boutique hotel, I always think that the boutique hotel wins out, especially when looking for an authentic local experience in the area you’re visiting.  Personally, I prefer something quirky and different instead of something cookie cutter-like.  Hotel Drei Raben has found a way to combine history, modern conveniences, and a little bit of quirkiness into a desirable contemporary hotel in the middle of Nuremberg.

With unique, modern, and spacious theme rooms, an overall modern decor with clean lines, and great amenities, Hotel Drei Raben is an ideal hotel choice for couples, families, or solo travelers.  Hotel Drei Raben‘s location is perfect and central to everything you might need, whether visiting for a few days or longer.  The next time I visit Nuremberg, I wouldn’t hesitate to book my stay at Hotel Drei Raben.

Next up will enjoy breakfast in the lounge at Hotel Drei Raben.

Königstrasse 63 90402 Nürnberg
Tel: +49 911 27 43 80


*While Tourism Nuremberg  generously provided me with information and my accommodations during my stay in Nuremberg, all opinions and photographs are my own.*