Wrapping Up the Norwegian Getaway | Final Thoughts

In my final post about the Norwegian Getaway, the latest cruise ship from Norwegian Cruise Line, I’ll cover some of the areas that I haven’t covered in my other posts and provide some last overall thoughts.  My biggest suggestion on this or any cruise is to stay out of your cabin and explore the ship.  With a ship that can accommodate nearly 4,000 guests, I was always quite surprised that deck 16, which is one deck above the pool deck, was almost always nearly empty.  Deck 17 was a no man’s land as well, but the pool deck itself consistently had people lined up in lounge chairs and dozens of people piling into the adults pool. 

Hopefully, you won’t miss the amazing three story open atrium which features a huge LED chandelier as the centerpiece of 678 Ocean Place.  The constant changing color effects makes every picture taken in this area as well as on the glass staircase that connects the three levels completely different from the last. 

When you choose to dine in one of the specialty dining restaurants like Le Bistro, you have the choice of regular seating inside or maybe you’ll opt for the Atrium Al Fresco seating.  Enjoy your meal while people watching at 678 Ocean Place.  Maybe you’re in the mood for a steak dinner either at Moderno Churrascaria or Cagney’s.  Don’t forget to stop and have a drink at the Prime Meridian situated between these two restaurants.  For family fun, enjoy a meal in Teppanyaki, an authentic Japanese hibachi restaurant.  For more dining information, read my dining review on the Norwegian Getaway

Although a family friendly ship, Norwegian Cruise Line didn’t forget about adult fun on the Norwegian Getaway.  Enjoy an adult beverage at one of the twelve bars and lounges on the ship. Pictured above:  


  • Mixx: Cocktails – and conversations – are always stirring at this hip modern bar. Meet up for drinks with friends before dinner or swing by after to listen to some live piano. Mixx is the place to be seen. And heard.
  • Sunset Bar: Mix it up at this Key West – inspired bar. It’s the perfect place to toast the perfect sunset – on The Waterfront.
  • Café & Bar at the Atrium: Take a break from the hustle and bustle at the Café/Bar in The Atrium. Linger with your favorite cocktail or enjoy a steamed cappuccino in this grand space that offers spectacular three-deck vertical views.
  • The Grammy Experience: During the day, check out the GRAMMY® museum. At night, step into the first-ever GRAMMY® Experience at sea, featuring live jazz and R&B performances by past GRAMMY® winners and nominees. Sit inside or outside along The Waterfront and enjoy cool jazz surrounded by warm ocean breezes.
  • Headliners Comedy Club: A couple walks into a bar and laughs the night away. This isn’t the start of a joke, but the beginning of an amazing evening at Headliners Comedy Club.
  • O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill: Billiards. Darts. Arcade games. Even a giant two-story screen for sports and movies. Find it all O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill, serving up Irish/American classics in a relaxed, pub atmosphere. Located on Deck 7 in the heart of the action at 678 Ocean Place, this is the place to hang out 24/7.

Not pictured, but check out my other Norwegian Getaway posts for pictures:

  • Bar 21: Steps away from all the exciting action at Casinos At Sea, you’ll find the bustling and intimate Bar 21. So order your favorite cocktail, while listening to the sounds of slot machines ringing and guests cheering.
  • Bliss Ultra Lounge: It’s electric – all night long. Go clubbing till the wee hours at Bliss Ultra Lounge. From the moment you walk through the lit tunnel and start hearing the music pumping, you’ll feel the energy. And so will the glowing walls and bar which illuminate to the intensifying beats.
  • Prime Meridian: At the heart of 678 Ocean Place, between Cagney’s Steakhouse and Moderno Churrascaria, is where you’ll find Prime Meridian Bar. Whether you’re enjoying a drink in the middle of your amazing evening or pondering where to go from here, you’re at the center of it all.
  • Spice H20: Inspired by the renowned summer beach parties on the island of Ibiza, Spice H20 is an adult-only escape with contemporary Asian influences located aft on Deck 15. By day, lounge beside hot tubs and a soothing waterfall; by night, it’s a whole different beat. Let loose and dance beneath the stars as vibrant images display on the huge video screen. Spice H20 will add pizzazz to your palate too, with its unique offerings of snacks and appetizers.
  • Sugarcane Mojito Bar: Freshly muddled just the way you like, enjoy a refreshing mojito with friends – day or night.
  • SVEDKA and Inniskillin Ice Bar:  Norwegian Getaway’s frozen chamber is guaranteed to give guests the ultimate chill. Kept at 17 degrees Fahrenheit, the ship’s ice bar will feature icy 3D elements inspired by the ship’s Magic City home such as South Beach’s iconic Ocean Drive skyline and palm trees etched into the icy walls, a “Welcome to Miami Beach” sign and a life-size alligator throne made entirely of ice. In addition, the entire bar, seating and glassware will all also be made of ice. Located on deck eight, the SVEDKA/Inniskillin Ice Bar will accommodate approximately 25 guests at a time, who will don hooded coats and gloves to keep warm, since the artic-like room’s temperature will not rise above 17 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Vibe Beach Club: Guests will jump for quiet joy upon discovering this private retreat where they can connect with ocean – and disconnect from everything else. Exclusively for those 18 and over, Vibe Beach Club is resplendent with ocean views, an oversized hot tub, chaise loungers and a relaxing water feature – ideal for drowning out every last bit of stress. A full-service bar, water spritzers, chilled towels and skewers of fruit ease you even more into serenity. A limited number of passes will be available for purchase onboard at the Guest Service Desk.

These are a few of some off the beaten path spots on the Norwegian Getaway that you might otherwise miss, but are worth paying attention to in your travels around the ship.  

  • How about a scale model of the Norwegian Getaway tucked away in a small alcove off the elevator banks?  Love that cushy larger than life ottoman, which is great for taking pics of the family on.
  • Shopping: Located on deck 8, you’ll find Tradewinds Tax and Duty Free, Tides Boutique and the Photo Gallery.  This hallway area is an extension of the shops so don’t overlook it. 
  • The art deco styling as seen throughout the ship like in the signage for the box office.

Travel Shop Girl Recommendations:

  • I would definitely say that the Norwegian Getaway is best for families with young kids through pre-teens as teens might be entertained, but bored more easily than younger children.  
  • I wouldn’t suggest the Norwegian Getaway for a romantic vacation because you’ll be surrounded by those families with young kids and that will make for a slightly less than romantic experience.  You’ll still have fun, but seeking romance amongst the water slides, kid’s pools, miniature golf, etc. could have you pulling your hair out by the end of your cruise. An alternative is to upgrade your vacation by picking a cabin in The Haven or spending all of your time at Vibe Beach Club
  • If you don’t have children with you on this cruise, avoid getting a cabin on decks 12 or 13 as that is where Splash Academy is located.  Instead look for one of the other less child focused and crowded decks.  The children line up at various times throughout the day to enter Splash Academy with their parents, which often ends up obstructing elevators and stairwells.  
  • If you cruise with your family, be considerate of others and supervise your children at all times.  Make sure that your children are potty trained or have swim diapers on if they go in the kid’s pool.  Suffice it to say that I became incredibly phobic of going in or near the pools after this cruise as I saw way more than any human should ever have to see. 
  • If you’re planning on getting some sun, you have more than one choice and it’s not only the pool deck. While you may want to jump in the hot tubs or pool, there are other sun decks that are substantially less crowded.  Walk up one or two decks and like that — the crowds thin out. 
  • All of the activities aren’t just for kids so get yourself over to the rock climbing wall, the ropes course, mini golf, the sports court, and of course, go down those exciting water slides.  Why should kids get all the fun? 
  • Make time to walk the Waterfront at least once during your cruise and especially at sunrise or sunset.  The views are absolutely amazing! 
  • Speaking of walking, do yourself a favor and take the stairs.  This is especially helpful if you’re eating more than you usually do and aren’t going to the fitness center.  The elevators are on the small side and with almost 4,000 passengers on board, you might find yourself waiting for an elevator to go up one deck. 
  • Loved the fitness center, but never saw anyone from the ship working in the actual fitness center.  Cardio equipment won’t let you stay on for more than 30 minutes, but many times people would restart the machines and keep going, even if there was a line of people waiting to get on.  Be considerate and if there’s a line of people, get off! 
  • Plan ahead and book online your reservations for entertainment and dining.  If you don’t, like me, you’ll be disappointed when you can’t get in for dining or shows that you were really looking forward to experiencing on your cruise. This includes getting tickets for Legally Blonde, which was booked solid during my cruise. 
  • For the fireworks event, go up to deck 16 aft near the video arcade and under the slide area or near the ropes course.  The more aft you are, the better.  Go up early and stand near the railing otherwise you will get packed in like sardines and feel very, very uncomfortable.  Keep an eye on the small ones during this time as it is loud and the PA system is equally loud so it could be scary for those not expecting it. 
  • Don’t eat all of your meals in one restaurant or in the buffet.  While the food may be good, you’re missing out on all this ship and Norwegian Cruise Line has to offer.  With three main dining rooms, the buffet, and O’Sheehan’s (all complimentary) as well as specialty dining options making for 28 dining options overall, you’d miss out on all of the fun eating the same food every day.  Trust me – there’s more out there to eat than hamburgers and hot dogs.  
  • Don’t ignore the amazing artwork on the exterior of the Norwegian Getaway by Lebo (see pictures above).  Popular Miami artist David “Lebo” Le Batard is among Miami’s best known working artists and since the ship was designed to sail from Miami year round, it seems like a perfect match.  Norwegian Cruise Line says about the ship’s artwork: “”It is centered on a mythical mermaid, an iconic image that represents humanity’s connection to the sea, and features her seemingly skimming across the surface of the water. Surrounding the mermaid is a fusion of sea and sky dancing across the ship, where three pelicans gracefully glide along in the artist’s version of a tropical paradise.”

The Norwegian Getaway sails year round out of Miami offering 7-day Eastern and Western Caribbean cruises with ports like St Maarten, St. Thomas, Nassau (Bahamas), Ocho Rios (Jamaica), George Town (Grand Cayman), and Cozumel (Mexico).  Don’t put off the opportunity to sail on one of the newest ships sailing the Caribbean today!

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