Why Short Cruises Are Great for the First Time Cruiser

short cruises
Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas

Maybe you’ve been contemplating a cruise, but you’re still on the fence as to whether or not a cruise would be right for you. Should you give up on a cruise vacation because of your uncertainty? Absolutely not! Did you know short cruises are a great way to sample cruising life?

short cruises
Ships in port

Whether you choose a short 2-, 3, or 4-night cruise to a hot destination like the Bahamas or the Caribbean or to a European destination like Paris, Amsterdam, or Dublin, you’ll still experience all of the excitement and opportunities one would on a longer cruise. The only difference is the length of the cruise. You’ll still find multiple restaurants onboard in which to dine, pools, fitness centers, spas, shopping, and of course, entertainment.  

short cruises
Norwegian Sky anchored off Great Stirrup Cay

What are some of the benefits of a short cruise for a first time cruiser?

  1. The price: You won’t feel like you’ve invested large sums of money into a vacation that you feel unsure about taking.
  2. Your accommodations, entertainment, and food are included in that one price. So there are no surprises or fear at the end of your vacation about seeing the dreaded bill.  
  3. The overall time spent on the cruise vacation is short. Before you had the time to have any concerns or worries about cruising, you’d be back on dry land again. You might even find that you absolutely loved it so much you’d want to book another cruise while still onboard the ship.
  4. It’s a great way to get friends or family to join you on a vacation without committing to a weeklong trip. You know what I mean —  it can get ugly, right? Short cruises mean you’re in and then out with no time for fights or problems to occur. 
  5. They’re perfect for last minute trips. Maybe you’ve not yet planned a summer trip or a weekend getaway. Quite often the cruise lines offer great rates on short cruises like the one I took last month on the Norwegian Sky. With low prices and quick planning, you’ll end up with a great vacation even if it’s a short one. 
  6. The itinerary: Maybe you’ve never been to one or all of the ports on the itinerary.  Cruising lets you check them off your bucket list and sample new places in the world.  

Now you can’t make anymore excuses about not taking a cruise. Consider one of the many short cruises available and find out for yourself what everyone has been talking about.

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  1. Your reasons are spot-on! A short cruise is better than no vacation at all, right? Testing the waters is sometimes best.

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