A Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the southeastern part of the United States, don’t assume that it’s all farmland and country. Instead, what you might discover, especially if you take a weekend or more to visit Charlotte, North Carolina, is that it’s not what you might expect. As the largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte is not only the third-fastest-growing major city in the United States, but it’s home to many businesses with corporate headquarters in Charlotte, sports teams, and an abundance of transplanted Northerners. There are so many things to do for example you could take beginner tennis lessons charlotte. There are also many essex homes charlotte being built every year that are built to accommodate all of the people moving to the area!

Why Do Northerners Move to Charlotte?

Charlotte, North Carolina
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Why do people in the North want to move to Charlotte? In a nutshell, it’s warmer, cheaper, and more fun here. Don’t believe me? Ask the many Northerners, including many of my fellow New Yorkers, why they decided to leave it all behind and live in North Carolina. With real estate considerably cheaper down South and more job opportunities, many leave behind all they know to try life out in Charlotte. Did you know that Charlotte is the second-largest financial center in the United States?

Why Visit Charlotte?

Charlotte is a city that’s bustling but still has easy access to lakes, mountains, hiking trails, and more. Whether you stay in the city to watch a football, baseball, or basketball game or take part in a game yourself, there’s a number of sports to play or watch in Charlotte. If you’re not into sports, don’t worry. When you visit Charlotte, you’ll find there’s so much to see and do, such as zoos, museums, theater, or one of the many festivals that take place in Charlotte, like the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Where to Stay in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina
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With many hotel options in Charlotte, deciding where to stay can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you’d pick a well-known hotel chain like Hilton or Holiday Inn and then decide where in Charlotte to visit. Or maybe you’d choose where you’ll spend time and find a hotel nearby. A popular neighborhood is Uptown, the pedestrian-friendly part of Charlotte that’s filled with sports, food, and fun. There’s also NoDa, the North Davidson Street community filled with art, craft beer, and great restaurants. When you discover the districts, you’ll uncover the heartbeat of the city and discover what makes it so different.

Where to Shop in Charlotte

From large-scale malls to upscale boutiques to specialty shops of all kinds, you can shop ’til you drop in Charlotte. You’ll recognize the designer names, but don’t discount local designers and specialty shops, as they offer great finds to the savvy shopper, too. From the high-end outlet malls like Charlotte Premium Outlets to those one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities you’ll find at the 7th Street Public Market, if shopping is your passion, you have to spend some quality time shopping in Charlotte. How will you resist Orrman’s Cheese Shop or Hazelnuts Creperie while shopping at the public market?

Whether you spend a weekend or a week in Charlotte, on your next visit you’ll agree that there are so many things to see, do, and savor there. When will you visit Charlotte?

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