Bangkok Vegan Restaurant Review: May Veggie Home

May Veggie Home
May Veggie Home

If you’re a non-meat eater like me visiting Bangkok, you might wonder where you’ll be able to eat. Veganism isn’t as rare a concept as I thought it might be in Thailand as there are now over 200 restaurants and stores in Bangkok alone. Yet, as you can see from May Veggie Home‘s menu, they do market themselves as “vegan food for meat lovers.” Since I’m not a meat eater, would I love the food anyway?

May Veggie Home
May Veggie Home

Conveniently located in Sukhumvit, I lucked out as May Veggie Home was right around the corner from my first hotel in Bangkok. This meant I could go once for dinner and once for lunch but I easily could’ve gone back again and again. Whether you visit Bangkok for a few days or a few hours, believe me you’re going to want to get out and try some food.

TSG Tip: If you’re only in Bangkok for a few hours, try utilizing a Bangkok layover tour guide.

May Veggie Home Beverage Menu

With an extensive menu, including a large one just for beverages, you might not know where to begin especially with exotic sounding names like “bael” and “blue pea.” It was crazy hot out at nearly 9pm and all I could think about is how I wanted something ice cold to drink.

May Veggie Home
Thai iced tea

That meant a gigantic serving of ice cold Thai iced tea served up in a mason jar mug. Yum!

May Veggie Home
Pineapple & Basil ice blended drink

Mr. TSG wanted to try something different and chose a pineapple and basil ice blended drink. Made from fresh fruit, ice, and syrup, these simple drinks are fresh, delicious, and are a great thirst quencher.

May Veggie Home Food Menu

We looked over the menu for starters and entrées and couldn’t believe how many choices we had. Usually, it’s a few items at the bottom of a menu if we’re lucky, but here we had the entire menu from which to chose.

Now the Food

Fried Tofu with Sweet and Sour Sauce

May Veggie Home
Fried tofu with sweet & sour sauce

We started with a basic appetizer of fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce. The tofu, although fried, was crisp and not greasy.


May Veggie Home

Next up was one of the starters from the specials menu and it was satay served with bread, a little peanutty sauce, and a little fresh veggies on the side. So good!


May Veggie Home
Pla-Tod-Yum-Ma-Muang – Fried vegetarian fish served with sweet and sour mango salad

Mr. TSG wanted to try the veggie “fish” and ordered the Pla-Tod-Yum-Ma-Muang or the fried vegetarian fish served with sweet and sour mango salad. I can’t recall what fish actually tastes like, but these were light and crispy and I loved the little salad that was served with it.

Cauliflower Bon Chon

May Veggie Home
Cauliflower Bon Chon – Cauliflower Spicy Wings

Another starter special was the Cauliflower Bon Chon or the Cauliflower Spicy Wings, which were my favorite. They were crispy, even under the sauce, while still being light. The addition of the sesame seeds were what took the taste over the top.

Larb Tofu

May Veggie Home
Larb Tofu – Spicy & sour minced tofu with Thai herb

I fell in love with Larb a few years ago at a restaurant in Washington, DC that served vegetarian Larb. That restaurant closed and I wasn’t sure I’d ever find this dish again so I was pleased to find that it was on the menu here. If you’ve never had it, it’s a different kind of taste and texture, but in a good way.

May Veggie Home
Fresh coconut
Little did he know that while the young coconut (one that is green) has more coconut water, the mature coconut (one that is brown) has more coconut meat.Click To Tweet

Mr. TSG devoured his drink and ordered a fresh coconut. It was served with a spoon and he tried desperately to eat that coconut, but to no avail. Little did he know that while the young coconut (one that is green) has more coconut water, the mature coconut (one that is brown) has more coconut meat. So in a (coco)nutshell, eat drink the young ones and eat the brown ones.

May Veggie Home Dessert

May Veggie Home
Ice cream case

Before leaving the restaurant, we decided to try the Coco Much vegan ice cream, which they have an entire case of at the front.

May Veggie Home
Coconut ice cream

I don’t get to have ice cream that often, mostly because I’m still trying to watch my weight, but also because it’s dairy. To have a vegan ice cream that’s rich and creamy was the cherry on the sundae. The coconut ice cream was so good, but I’m glad we shared a scoop because after that huge meal, I was done.

Our dinner at May Veggie Home set us back about 1300 THB or just under $38 USD. Now that might sound like a lot to someone who lives in Thailand, but knowing how much dinner can cost in Boston, this was an affordable and tasty option for us.

The Next Day…

The next day we were out and about and exploring Bangkok, but I had May Veggie Home on my brain. Before leaving for our next hotel, we decided to stop and have lunch here again. I started my meal with an ice cold passion fruit ice blended drink while Mr. TSG enjoyed one with mango.

More Food from May Veggie Home

May Veggie Home
Grilled Vegetarian Bacon – wrapped mushroom

For a starter we decided to try the Grilled Vegetarian Bacon around enoki mushrooms. This was beyond delicious and something I have never had before. Although I don’t eat meat, the texture was similar to bacon and it had a delicious smoky flavor and smell. I will always remember this as one of my all time favorite vegan dishes.

May Veggie Home
Cauliflower Bon Chon – Cauliflower Spicy Wings

Since we loved the Cauliflower Bon Chon from the day before, we ordered another plate of the cauliflower spicy wings once again. This time they were lighter in color and crispier, if that’s possible, and so good. This dish alone could get me to move to Bangkok.

May Veggie Home
Green curry with tofu and vegetables

For my entrée, I chose the green curry with tofu and vegetables. The veggies were tender, but not overcooked and the creamy curry was rich and full of depth and flavor.

May Veggie Home
Yam Sapp Gai Grob – Fried vegetarian chicken with cashew nut in spicy & sour sauce

Mr. TSG devoured the Yam Sapp Gai Grob or the fried vegetarian chicken with cashew nut in spicy and sour sauce, which is served with a ton of peppers. Remember, he loves things hot and spicy and this was absolutely a spicy dish, but also full of flavor.

Our lunch cost just over 1000 THB or about $29 USD plus tip. The night before, I rounded up and left the change as a tip. Afterwards, it was apparent that the server might have been upset with us. This time I made sure to leave a bigger tip, especially after seeing the large labeled tip box at the register. Now that might normally turn me off entirely to a restaurant, but despite this one small thing, the service was professional and polite and only added to the overall dining experience.

Final Thoughts

If you’re visiting Bangkok and looking for a plant-based meal because you’re a vegan or a vegetarian or simply want to try delicious Thai food with interesting and tasty options, then I highly recommend that you visit May Veggie Home at least once on your trip. With easy access from BTS Asoke, you can take public transportation or a taxi, but whatever you do, definitely enjoy a meal at May Veggie Home, whether you’re a meat lover or not.

May Veggie Home
8/3 Sukhumvit Soi 16
Ratchadapisek Road Klong Toei
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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