Two Passengers Die Aboard Norwegian Dawn – October 28, 2011

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Two passengers onboard the Norwegian Dawn, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, that docked this morning at the Black Falcon Cruise terminal in Boston, died. These are considered separate incidents and State Police were on the scene after the ship docked at 6:30 am.

According to the Boston Globe, the first passenger was a 67-year-old woman who was removed from the ship and her death was not considered suspicious. The second passenger was a 23-year-old man and his death is currently under investigation because of his age and without knowing how he died.

In August a cruise passenger was shot to death on board a harbor reggae cruise in Boston, just three years to the day after an almost identical incident occurred.

Boston is an extremely safe city and cruising is also considered to be a safe vacation choice. If you want to read more about specific cruise deaths, check out this truly morbid web site called Cruise Ship Deaths dedicated to documenting the “deaths during cruise ship voyages of passengers and crew.” Although deaths do occur, I don’t believe more deaths occur on cruise ships than other vacations in general. The cruise lines keep mum on actual statistics, but this article states the number of deaths between 1999-2007 to be 97. They also state that “most cruise ship deaths are the result of natural causes.” I certainly don’t let these statistics sway me away from cruising, which is still one of the best and most affordable ways to travel the world.

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