Travel Snacks That Are Good For You: Yes Cacao

Airport travel

If you’re like me, then packing for a trip doesn’t involve packing only clothes. As a vegan, I can’t always anticipate that I can find something to eat at the airport, on a plane, or even at my final destination. So packing a few travel snacks isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

YES Cacao

YES Cacao Chocolate Bar Bundle

Always looking to try something new, the good people at YES Cacao sent me some samples of their chocolates. Why, yes please! Of course, I’ll say yes to chocolate. But this isn’t regular chocolate. This is chocolate powered by botanicals.

From the YES Cacao website:

YES Cacao is a change maker’s holistic approach to merging healthy with delicious. We source the only organic, raw, and wild-harvested cacao in the world, and add botanical formulas, intentionally crafted to deliver a specific function. Get the benefits of botanical ingredients in an easy access, resealable package. Organic. Kosher. Vegan. High mineral, sun-dried cane.

YES Cacao chocolate bar bundle

What are botanicals?

But wait. What are botanicals?

More from the YES Cacao website:

A Botanical is a whole plant or part of a plant part prized for its medicinal or therapeutic properties, flavor or scent.  Our Botanical spectrum includes Ayurvedic herbs, Taoist herbs, South American superfoods, Essential oils, Teas, Flowers, Minerals and Medicinal mushrooms.

How do they taste?

Ok, ok so enough about how healthy YES Cacao chocolate powered by botanicals is. How do they taste?

Karma Mellowl

My first taste of YES Cacao was with their Karma Mellowl. I admit that turmeric and I have something of a friend and foe relationship. I know it’s good for me and yet I will avoid it at all costs. When I try it in something, like a shot at a juice bar, it’s always so overwhelming that I vow I won’t try it again.

How did it taste? Just like they advertise, this Brain Power formula is golden and buttery with a hint of spice.

However, I wanted to give YES Cacao‘s Karma Mellowl a chance despite the turmeric. How did it taste? Just like they advertise, this Brain Power formula is golden and buttery with a hint of spice. I can totally see myself eating this not only on my travels, but at home, too.

What’s inside?

What’s inside the YES Cacao‘s Karma Mellowl? Cacao Butter, Lucuma, Sun-dried Cane Sugar, Maca, Mesquite, Yacon, Vanilla, Coriander, Gingko, Lion’s Mane, Turmeric, Pine Pollen, Cinnamon, Bacopa, Sea Salt, and Gynostemma.

If you’re looking for something new and different, then you definitely need to try YES Cacao. YES Cacao sources the only organic, raw, and wild-harvested cacao in the world with added botanical formals that’s intentionally crafted to deliver a specific function.

Using wild cacao, clean cane, and creating a vegan chocolate may sound simple, but believe me, I have tried some vegan chocolates that are absolutely horrible. But now I have a go-to snack that’s not only good for me, but tastes great, too.

YES Cacao

When it comes time to pack for your next trip, throw in a few bars of YES Cacao‘s botanical chocolate bars for a healthy and delicious travel snack. Try the Karma Mellowl bar for brain food, the Dirty bar for grounding or the Gaba Baba bar for meditation. You, of course, can thank me later.

While YES Cacao provided me with a chocolate bar bundle to try out and review. As always — all opinions and photos are my own unless otherwise noted.