Travel Shop Girl Is Back! The Latest TSG Travel Update

Where has Travel Shop Girl been? Here’s the latest TSG travel update. I apologize for kind of disappearing, but 2018 was a year filled with a variety of ups and downs. As a result, I chose to focus on me for the year. It may sound selfish, and yes, it probably is, but I needed this time for myself. But I’m back for now and I will offer you my latest travel update, my activities, and plans for the future.

travel update
Fred. Olsen Black Watch

In 2018, I went on the most amazing world cruise with my good friend, Danielle Fear (aka CruiseMiss) on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Black Watch. I visited so many countries and had so many incredible experiences. I know there will never be a way to duplicate that cruise or experience ever again in my life.

travel update
The wishing wall at the house of the Virgin Mary

For example, how often do you get to see something like this? One of the many destinations I got to visit on the world cruise was Ephesus. I chose to visit the house of the Virgin Mary and came upon this amazing wishing wall where thousands of wishes were tied to a wall. Makes you realize everyone is wishing for something in their lives and hope and faith do exist.

travel update
Sistine Chapel

Speaking of faith, what about this image from the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican? An absolutely breathtaking image taken from a site that has always been on my must see list.

travel update
Shopping for gifts in Bali, Indonesia

After that cruise, I spent the rest of the year traveling around Asia and visiting the Philippines, Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket), Indonesia (Bali), and Hong Kong. I also went back to Amsterdam, which was a welcome relief from all of the heat. Let’s just say that my hair is still recovering from the heat and humidity.

I’m back in the United States for now and I’m not really sure where I’ll be going this year, but I hope it’s somewhere fun. I missed sharing my activities and pictures so I plan to be back on a regular schedule now and bore you (HA HA) with my travel update, plans, and details.

What have you been up to? Any big travel updates or plans for you this year?