The Ultimate 5 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

Author: Ines Marinho

Running and escaping from the stress of everyday life. This is the goal of many people – families and workers that need to release the stress of the routine and have a week or two near the beach or in the mountains. Who doesn’t relate to this? However, for if you are planning a holiday it also means some additional stress and pressure.

What to pack, what to take, taking care of all the details before hand and so on. A few unplanned events can also turn your trip into a nightmare, and we should all expect this at some point because life is unpredictable. The difference is on how you can handle these situations. Remember that it is only stressful if you let it affect your nerves. Follow these useful tips for some memorable vacations, and above all, stress-free.

1. No rush, no pressure

The majority of people have limited holidays. An upcoming trip can easily become the only thing you get excited about for months. Nevertheless, all of these expectations are backfiring on you. The pressure to make it enjoyable and perfect just overgrows. Chill for a moment. Best things in life happen in the small details: a good meal, a nice conversation, a romantic walk or an evening gazing at the stars.

Leave your head out of it for a while and accept all it can bring to you. Even though you have a plan, which is ideal to have, believe that all will come good and if something unexpected happens, just take a deep breath and look at the solution, not the problems.

2. Make plans for your trip

Traveling with friends or family can become extremely stressful at times because everyone has a different set of preferences and tastes. What if your partner wants to go for a walk but you want to go to the beach? What if your friends expect this to be a party trip but you just want to take it easy? When planning holidays with other people, have a discussion to set a collective goal for the trip.

Talk about the possibility of group activities where everyone is included. Aim to what the group expects the holidays to be and make agreements or arrangements. This will avoid awkward situations and your frustration towards something you were looking forward to doing but no one else wants to join.  

3. Be flexible

As said before, it’s important to remember that unplanned events can account for a lot of your vacation time. Who likes a delayed flight or a canceled journey? No one! Try to plan some activities for specific days but leave others completely open. When your schedule is flexible, you are not rushing into the to-do list.

You are exploring new ideas, new activities that came up in the meanwhile, you are just chilling inside the room of the hotel. There are no obligations when you are on holidays. Do whatever you feel like. Enjoy the time away from routine and rest.

4. Know your destination

It is and always will be a good idea to do as much research as you can about your trip: look into everything from visa requirements, money exchange, cultural rules, vaccines, food and so on. The more you know before you leave, the better prepared you will be when it is needed.

Even when you are gambling you have to know the rules of the game. You will not be betting on the odds to the World Series if you know nothing about baseball, right?

5. Pack the basics only

We’ve all been guilty of overpacking. Too much luggage makes the inescapable struggles of travel and we always end up regretting it, at some point. Keep your clothing options easy and pack only the necessities. Leave things behind, like for example, your hair dryer. Don’t pack the high heels you know you’ll never wear because they hurt in your feet and pack your comfortable shoes to walk.

Avoid baggage claim by fitting everything you bring into your carry-on. Be practical, minimalist and simple. You can always wash your clothes if something out of normal happens and you run out of clothes.

Above all, enjoy this time of your life and be grateful. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!