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breakfast in Sydney
Coffee at The Fine Food Store
Sometimes all you want is a really good cup of coffee. If I’ve learned anything lately, I’ve learned that some of the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life has been the coffee of Australia and New Zealand. Before heading out on our 12-night cruise on the Celebrity Solstice out of Sydney, we braved the insanely cold and rainy morning and ventured outside. Why? We were in search of a great cup of coffee and breakfast in Sydney and ended up at The Fine Food Store.


breakfast in Sydney
Locating the Fine Food Store

Open daily for espresso, breakfast (breaky), brunch, and lunch, The Fine Food Store is located in the Rocks on Kendall Lane & Darlinghurst on Oxford Street and is worth searching out. I walked past it the day before and thought it was a grocery store probably because of the name.

breakfast in Sydney
The Fine Food Store

But when I was looking online for a somewhere to eat with vegan and vegetarian options, The Fine Food Store ranked high on the list of must see places to visit. In addition to breakfast and lunch, they also have take out meals available.

Inside The Fine Food Store

breakfast in Sydney
Inside the Fine Food Store

When you enter, you might feel a little overwhelmed as you’ll immediately notice an abundance of food items available for purchase all around you. I browsed for a second and then went straight up to the counter to order my breakfast in Sydney. Place your order at the counter and then food and coffee is brought to your table.

TSG Tip:  If you feel lost or confused, don’t hesitate to ask for help.  Service here is outstanding and everyone was more than happy to answer my questions.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

The Menu

The menu is cleverly presented on a wooden clipboard at the counter. I grabbed one and decided to head outside to look over the many choices.


breakfast in Sydney
Inside seating at The Fine Food Store

Probably because of the rain, most of the diners chose seats inside. Therefore, we had the outside area all to ourselves.

breakfast in Sydney
The view from our seats outside at The Fine Food Store
breakfast in Sydney
Our table at The Fine Food Store

Outside you’ll find long wooden tables outside, which were perfect for us despite the rain, but as the area is covered, it wasn’t a problem.

breakfast in Sydney
Our table at The Fine Food Store

Coffee Time

breakfast in Sydney
The Bugle

There’s no better way to start breakfast than with my idea of the perfect cup of coffee. I had The Bugle – a strong white coffee with caramel notes and it was strong, but not bitter and the perfect temperature.  Furthermore, after this cup of coffee, I was 100% ready to turn in my Starbuck’s card.

breakfast in Sydney
Short black

Consequently, a short black was pure perfection for the man who likes his coffee almost always pure and simple: Strong and black.

Vegetarian Breakfast Options

breakfast in Sydney
Roast Mushroom Toastie

My breakfast was so incredibly yummy! I had the Roast Mushroom Toastie with gruyere, garden lettuce & salsa verde on spelt. The mushrooms were so hearty, I didn’t need anything else. I admit it was a little unusual to have a salad with breakfast, but it seems like it worked.

breakfast in Sydney
Haloumi & Spicy Tomato with a side of spicy baked beans

Mr. TSG hesitated before ordering because there were many great choices on the menu. He ultimately chose the Haloumi & Spicy Tomato, parsley, lemon & sicilian olives, sourdough, and poached eggs.

breakfast in Sydney
Spicy baked beans

Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a side of spicy baked beans, too.

breakfast in Sydney
Haloumi & Spicy Tomato

Most noteworthy about The Fine Food Store and our breakfast in Sydney was that there wasn’t a flaw on this plate. From perfectly cooked eggs to the heavenly taste of haloumi, it was sheer perfection. I had to ask him nicely not to lick his plate clean.

Final Thoughts On Our Breakfast In Sydney

Overall, the food was fresh and tasty, the coffee was rich, strong, and hot, and the service was good and never intrusive. Because this isn’t a fast food place, so drink your coffee, sit back and enjoy some conversation because once the food arrives, I promise you won’t be talking.

Other items for a breakfast in Sydney include spelt & agave granola; ricotta & ago on sourdough with heirloom tomato, nigella & chilli flakes; and dulce de leche belgian waffles with caramelized bananas, berries, panna cotta gelato & sugar pecan nuts. Are you drooling yet?

If you’re in Sydney near The Rocks and you’re looking for breakfast in Sydney or a great meal, vegetarian or otherwise, head over to The Fine Food Store or at least stop in for an amazing cup of coffee.

The Fine Food Store
The Rocks Centre, Shop 9 Kendall Lane
The Rocks NSW 20000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9252 1196

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