Pictures of Flora and Fauna of the US Virgin Islands | USVI

Before we leave the US Virgin Islands and head to our next destination, I wanted to include some pictures of the flora and fauna during my trip. Don’t forget that you can click on each picture in my blog to see a larger image. Enjoy!

Rooster running in the streets of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas with a few pigeon friends.

A Ginger Thomas flower seen during my historical walking tour of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. The Ginger Thomas is the official flower of the US Virgin Islands.

Pretty flowers and a cute black cat hiding behind them in Charlotte Amalie.

After climbing the 99 Steps in Charlotte Amalie, I spotted this tree. I tried to research the name of this tree and what the fruit is that is on it, but I had no luck. If you know, please leave a comment.

Check out this fuzzy little grey bird who lives at the Westin St. John resort. How lucky is he?

Beautiful hibiscus flowers at the world famous Mountain Top in St. Thomas.

How could I omit a picture of one of the beer drinking pigs from the Domino Club in St. Croix?

I loved the tie-dyed appearance of these flowers on the grounds of the Ritz-Carlton Resort in St. Thomas.


What could be a better way to end then this post than with a striking purple Bougainvillea.

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