Girlfriends Getaway: Focus on the View in St. John, USVI

DSC_3578_zps22fa2705While I admittedly love the activities, dining, and lodging in St. John, USVI, nothing and I mean nothing beats the view. No matter where you are, it seems as if you have a view of the water in various shades of blue, many of which I’m convinced you won’t find on mainland US.  Whether looking toward another side of St. John, toward St. Thomas or  toward the British Virgin Islands, the view is a photographer’s dream.  Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a professional photographer to return home with stunning photos of beaches, pristine water views, and so much more.

How can you not take in this view and wish you could move to St. John immediately?  Join me as I wander my way through some of the popular beaches of St. John with memorable views. 

Maho Bay is a popular beach destination on St. John and has been voted a “Visitor’s Favorite Beach.” Perfect for anyone, including families, with white sand beach, light surf, and shallow entry, this idyllic setting is a perfect way to spend the day with your friends, especially if you were up all night. Unfortunately, the ever popular Maho Bay Campgrounds was sold in December 2012 to a private buyer for over $13 million, which ended an era of vacationing in open air tropical tree houses in St. John for many people.  

How about a view along Leinster Bay Trail looking toward the British Virgin Islands? I had no idea that BVI was that close.  I’m thinking it might even be possible to swim over there.  If you head over to Waterlemon Cay/Leinster Bay, you’ll find the number one snorkeling destination on St. John. Here you’ll find schools of fish, rays, turtles, starfish, conch and both hard and soft coral reef formations.  If you desire a hike, you can head up the Leinster Bay, Johnny Horn, or Brown Bay Trails and then stop in and take a quick dip to cool off.  

Now for the most written about beach on St. John, Trunk Bay.  With a 225 yard long underwater trail of reefs, many visitors to the island head here for ideal snorkeling conditions.  Open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, guests to Trunk Bay pay only $4 per person to enter (children under 16 are free) to enjoy the quarter mile long beach that consistently makes every list as one of the best beaches in the world. Because of this you can often expect to find many others wanting to discover the beauty that is Trunk Bay so if you’re looking for solitude here, especially on days when cruise ships are in port, you’re probably aren’t going to find any.  The water is calm and clear, the sand is soft, and the facilities on site include showers, bathrooms, changing areas, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and a covered pavilion.  To top it all off there’s also a snack bar, gift store, lockers, and rentals of snorkel equipment, flotation devices, beach chairs, and lockers.  

Although it wasn’t my first visit to St. John, it was was my first time to Trunk Bay and while nice, I definitely prefer the less touristy-type beaches that are on the island, such as the much quieter, but gorgeous Cinnamon Bay, which is one of the longest beaches on St. John.  Granted, I had no intention to go snorkeling so I was more concerned about the water and the beach.   You’ll have to decide for yourself before deciding with your friends which beach is the beach for you.   If you’re looking for a quick and easy to read list of available beaches on St. John, check out this list by VInow. 

The next time you’re in St. John for a girlfriends getaway, grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and your camera and make sure you take in all of the great views!