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If you’re like me and you travel often, let’s face the hard facts.  You probably miss your full sized beauty products that you can’t take with you.  How do you decide what stays and what goes, especially when some items just don’t make the transition well into those small travel size containers.

Here’s my list of a few of my favorite beauty products that I consider must haves for traveling.  Some are old favorites and some are new and will definitely stay on my list for a long time.  Full disclosure: No companies have provided me with any samples or asked me to promote their product and I have not been compensated by anyone for including a product on this list.  This list is just my honest opinion on products I love and use.

1. Sephora Pore Refining Serum:  This is a brand new addition to my travel repertoire, but let me say that from now on this will go with me wherever I go when I travel.  Maybe you’re not cursed with large pores, blackheads, and the like, but I am and I have tried everything.  What’s great about this product is that it comes in a handy 1.35 fl. oz. bottle with a squeeze head to apply the serum to your T-zone.  Once applied, let dry before applying your moisturizer. You will notice smoother skin and smaller pores within a few days!  Yes, no lie — this is a great product! $20.00 at

2. Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray: Sometimes when traveling, you can’t always wash your hair.  What can you do to still look great while out in public? There are lots of dry shampoos on the market, but this one sprays on clear and doesn’t leave any flaky powder residue behind.  The small 1.4 oz travel size bottle is great and it will last a long time since you don’t use that much.  Spray it on, let dry, rub it into your scalp, and brush through.  Your hair will feel and smell great!  $11.00 at

3. Kerastase Reflective Chroma Riche Luminous Softening Essence for Dry Highlighted or Color-Treated Hair: If you have longer hair like I do and you color and blow dry and straighten and whatever else we do to our hair, you still want it to look good.  My hairstylist recommends the Kerastase line of products from L’Oreal, which is their professional hair care line.  If you’ve used Moroccan Oil on your hair, you’ll love Kerastase.  It comes in a 4.2 oz. bottle, which then requires me to transfer it over into a travel size bottle or pack it in a checked bag, but it’s worth it.  My hair always looks smooth and healthy  when I use it, so there is absolutely no reason for me to leave it behind at home.  $33.57 at

4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: I found this product purely by accident on a trip back home from Iceland.  It was in the duty free magazine, I was bored, did a little shopping… you know how the story goes.  This 1.7 fl. oz. bottle is a multipurpose beauty superhero and although a little pricey at $45, you might do better while in the sky like I did.  Use it as a face mask or put it under your makeup as a primer.  Either way, it works great on your skin and makes you look not so jetlagged upon arrival.  From the Clarins website:

“The ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin — Clarins’ brightening balm eliminates signs of fatigue in a flash! Instantly moisturizes and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed. Olive and Witch Hazel extracts help smooth the skin’s surface — diffusing the look of lines and wrinkles. Soothing Bisabolol helps restore skin’s youthful glow. Also acts as a make-up base or primer for perfect make-up application and hours of luminous wear.”

5. Conair Shower Comb: Some of the best beauty products are ones that are simple and are truly an asset to you whether you’re at home or traveling.  This comb is perfect on all types of hair, but I love it because it glides right through my thick, coarse hair without issue.  Use it after applying conditioner to evenly distribute it while also getting knots out.  When you’re done, hang it over the shower rod, but don’t forget to take it with you when you leave!  I left one of mine in a hotel and was devastated for the rest of the trip.  $2.99 at

6. Emi-jay Hair Ties: After all of the time I spend blow drying my hair out, the last thing I want is a big old dent in my hair when put my hair up in a ponytail.  Emi-Jay hair ties are made from a soft and stretchy material that has been hand-dyed and knotted. Stock up with a tin of 8 and give your head a rest from the way too tight hairbands of the past and use an Emi-Jay.  They have outlasted all of my other hairbands by far and they are kind on my hair.  What more could I ask for? Price for a tin of 8 is $19.99 at

7. Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness: Nothing is worse than dry, cracked lips when traveling.  The air on a airplane not only dries your skin out, but your lips as well.  I was always reapplying lip balm until I came across this product.  It goes on smooth and stays on plus it has SPF 10.  It is also enriched with natural Shea Butter and Aloe to help moisturize lips leaving them extremely soft and looking smooth.  $2.99 at  Nivea has other lip balms as well and some even have a hint of color if you’re into that.

I would love to hear what some of your travel secrets are so feel free to share by leaving a comment.

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