A Trip Up to Signal Hill | Dunedin, New Zealand

Trip up to Signal Hill, Dunedin
The view from atop Signal Hill in Dunedin, New Zealand

If you’re visiting Dunedin, New Zealand, you must make a trip up to Signal Hill.  Whether you go by foot, bike, or tour, the views are spectacular!  Overlooking Otago Harbour and the city of Dunedin, Signal Hill reaches an elevation of 1289 feet (393m).

The monument that stands at Signal Hill was erected to commemorate New Zealand’s centennial in 1940 and reads:

At the beginning of the Dominions Second Century this monument is dedicated to the memory of the pioneers who braved the first

Foundation stone laid by his worship the mayor of Dunedin A.H. Allen Eso 21st February 1940

There are two bronze statues that not only represent those first settlers to Otago, the past, but also the future. The sculptures were created by sculptor Francis Shurrock, a 63-year-old who had been retired for several years from his teaching position at Canterbury College.  Shurrock undertook the commission in 1950 and with the help of an assistant, Fred Staub, the statues were finally completed and installed on either side of the monument in 1955.



Did you know that Dunedin is the sister city to Edinburgh, Scotland?   An actual piece of rock from Edinburgh Castle sits in front of the monument and was an anniversary gift from Scotland.  What’s written on the plaque?

This stone, hews from the rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands, was given as a centennial memorial token by the people of Edinburgh to signify the bond which forever binds the cities of Edinburgh and Dunedin.  Auld Lang Syne 3 April 1941


After you take in the history, you’ll absolutely want to take in those views!

Trip up to Signal Hill, Dunedin
VIew to your left
View in front
View in front
Another view ahead of you
Another view ahead of you
View to the right
View to the right
Trip up to Signal Hill, Dunedin
Looking even farther to the right


Considering that Speight’s beer is brewed right in Dunedin, I had to have one in front of the stunning view!

Woman collecting water in bottles outside of Speight's Brewery in Dunedin
Woman collecting water in bottles outside of Speight’s Brewery in Dunedin

Speight’s Brewery in Dunedin has a tap in front of their building that pumps water up from a spring deep below the brewery.  The best part is that they offer this fresh water free of charge to anyone who wants it. Just bring your own bottles and fill them up.

TSG Tip: Did you hear about the great April Fool’s Day joke in 1998 where the Otago Daily Times said that just for that day,  beer and not water from Speight’s Brewery would flow, free of charge, from the tap.

Next time I visit Dunedin and anywhere in New Zealand, I’m definitely doing it by bike.  The landscape is like none other and I don’t want to  miss a single second of any of that incredible scenery.

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  1. Marian,
    My wife and I (both in our late 60s) are planning a one-month trip to NZ next January from Washington DC. I’d love to see a blog post about your flight experience to NZ, but my question is about what airline you recommend and class of seating. For such a long flight, we’ve decided not to go coach, but other than that, it’s undecided.

    We’ll be connecting to the flight to Aukland out of SF or LA. I’ve read mixed reviews of the attitude of some of Air NZ’s on-board personnel and the seating on their 777s. The other choice is United–and well you know.


    1. Hi Mike – Sorry for the delay, but I was traveling AND moving so that affected my response time. I would definitely recommend anything other than coach for such a long flight. I flew Premium Economy twice on Air New Zealand and loved it. Check out my posts here:


      Personally, I loved the crew and thought they were some of the best I’ve had on flights, domestic or international. Please let me know what you end up choosing. Marian

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