Vegetarian Indian Fast Food: WrapChic | London

WrapChic’s Paneer Masala Burrito

On my last trip to London I wanted to try as many new restaurants as I could.  For lunch one day I wanted something quick and of course, it had to be vegan or vegetarian.  I researched a few places and found an Indian vegetarian fast food restaurant called WrapChic.  What is WrapChic?  WrapChic says it best: “Get ready to change your mind on how you see Indian Food.  WrapChic is on a journey to revolutionize the way we eat and enjoy our favorite Indian cuisine.”

Since WrapChic (‘rap chick’ is Bollywood slang for “sexy”) opened its doors in July 2012, founder Mahesh Raikar’s Indian Burrito Company has expanded faster than a food critic’s girth. Although not 100% vegetarian (protein choices include chicken, fish, and mutton), they also offer vegetarian selections.

0DA68127-E0C6-4677-BCF4-E379BFCC801D_zps11oikgqnWith 8 locations throughout England, WrapChic is quickly growing due to its popularity with customers.  We visited the Soho Location on Beak Street for lunch.


Ordering is fast and easy, just like fast food should be.  The only difference is that this is Indian inspired fast food and it’s not bad for you!

1. Choose your style: Wrap, burrito, taco, or bowl
2. Choose your fillings: For me it was definitely going to be the Paneer Masala (Indian soft cheese coated in lava spice with Tikka sauce) or Soya Amritsari  (meaty soya chunks coated with Amristari sauce), both vegetarian.
3. Add extras like cheese, jalapeños, meat (no thank you), sour cream, or hummus

Sides: Wraps (healthy toasted breaded samosas), Wrap Chips (oven cooked wedges), spicy chicken wings (Indian spiced), or Wrapchos (Wrapchic’s own Nachos).

Lassis: Plain, Passion Fruit, Mango, Blackberry, Coconut, or Refreshing fresh Lime & Ginger.


Step up and place your order.  Now what to have…

Let me tell you a secret.  By the time I arrived here, I was starving. We chose one item for each of us, a paneer masala burrito and a soya amritsari wrap, and then decided to share a wraposa.  There was also no way I was going to leave without getting a lassi.

B723E2F7-6334-4F79-874C-5D3E66749F35_zpssupylzioWith only a few stools inside, we grabbed two and stuffed our faces quickly.  What it lacked in space, it made up for in the view.  These were great people watching seats!


40F8153D-F47C-40A8-BE15-F60E1D860036_zpsom3m30szGiovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, a Venetian painter of landscapes, lived in the flat on Beak Street directly across from WrapChic.  A little history with lunch never hurt anyone.

I loved that I could get vegetarian fast food and that it was Indian.  Food is affordably priced, it’s made quickly, the restaurant is super clean, and the employees are friendly and helpful, especially when I asked so many questions.  The two vegetarian options we tried were good, but I admit that I’m terribly spoiled by Gardein and Beyond Meat, newer vegetarian protein sources.  The “soya chunks” are a little too old school for my taste, but that didn’t prevent me from eating my lunch.  The food was quite good for a fast food meal and I definitely would go back and try it again, maybe even as a taco or a salad.  If I lived in SoHo I’m afraid I’d be here every day.

The next time you’re looking for a “sexy” lunch while in London, why not consider grabbing a burrito or wrap at WrapChic?

London – SoHo
38 Beak Street
London W1F 9RG
020 3581 4862