Why I Love Cruises and You Can, Too!

love cruises
Cruise Ships Visit Port of San Diego 003” by Port of San DiegoFlickr: Cruise Ships Visit Port of San Diego (October 2012). Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Do you like to cruise? Are you afraid a cruise will be boring? Here’s why I love cruises and I’m sure you will, too.

The first time I ever went on a cruise was in the 90’s. We went through a travel agent who booked us in the cheapest cabin possible on the cheapest cruise available. I remember when we got to our cabin filled with anticipation from memories of that old TV show, “Love Boat.” When we opened the door, we just looked at each other. Besides the fact that the cabin was tan from floor to ceiling with no decorations of any kind, it was also an upper/lower cabin, which means there are two single beds with one up in the wall that comes down over the lower – think bunk bed. Romantic, huh? We were happy to be on vacation and we didn’t care and trudged along. However, by the end of the cruise when we were completely and totally bored out of our minds with the buffet, bingo, and the abundance of senior citizens on our cruise, I vowed I would never do it again.

love cruises
Mariner of the Seas

Then something happens when you become a parent and you want your children to see the world and experience things, even those things that you thought you might not want to do ever again. We booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s “Independence of the Seas,” and afterwards I was convinced that this was my kind of vacation. The obvious advantage to booking a cruise is that all of your entertainment, food, accommodations, and so much more is all included in the price. But what really appeals to me about cruising is that you can take multi-generational families or even your immediate family and find that there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Grandma and Grandpa can relax in the lounge and read or enjoy a drink; Mom and Dad can enjoy fine dining, the Spa, the casino, or dancing in one of the clubs at night; and the kids can enjoy one of the many activities that’s geared just for them. Not only did I love cruises, but everyone else did, too.

love cruises
Oasis of the Seas

There is something for everyone on a cruise, but the best advice I can offer anyone is that not all cruises are the same. Ships vary as do cruise lines and a good travel agent will know which cruise might work best for you. Maybe you are a family wanting to enjoy April vacation, but you wouldn’t want to be on a cruise that is primarily couples. Perhaps you are a couple and you would be devastated to find out once onboard that this cruise was booked by a large group made up primarily of children. Tell your agent what activities you are interested in and what your last vacation was like to best match you to the most appropriate cruise. Simply picking the cheapest cruise, which anyone can do on a .com site, is not the best way to decide on a cruise. In the end, I want you to catch the cruise bug just like I have so you can love cruises, too.

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