Off for a Weekend in Washington, DC

I can’t believe that I have never visited Washington, DC. Yes, we drove through it once and stayed in Georgetown, but I have never seen the White House, the Washington Monument, or the Lincoln Memorial among many of the sites this great city has to offer. I am excited to spend a weekend close by and learn more about our nation’s history. This comes on the heels of spending countless hours on learning about distant relatives. Of course, my husband’s family I can easily trace back to the Mayflower on both sides of his family, whereas I can’t even get past my grandparents on both sides. Regardless, I am still enjoying reading about these distant relatives and their stories and hoping that I can pay them the respect they are due when I peruse their personal information. I feel like I am eavesdropping on the past so I hope they don’t mind. I’ll have my camera in tow and once I settle in at The River Inn, I hope to have my camera and walking shoes on and I’ll be ready to go! It’s also time for the Cherry Blossom Festival and that will be another first for me.

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