Walking the Oasis of the Seas from Top to Bottom


Have you ever been on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas?  If not, then you definitely want to continue reading.  On October 15, 2014 I boarded the Oasis of the Seas in Southampton, England for a 12-night transatlantic cruise, a first for me.  Most of my past cruises have been port intensive meaning that while I have spent time on cruise ships, I chose cruising to take me to cities and ports previously not visited.  But this cruise was different as we only had one port day and that was Vigo, Spain.  What could I do to keep myself entertained the largest cruise ship at sea in cold weather?

The fitness center on a cruise ship usually means long lines waiting for treadmills.  The track, the longest one at sea at 0.43 miles, was typically covered in walkers.  Then it hit me… walk the length of the ship from top to bottom.  Why not?

With my GoPro Hero3 Silver camera in hand, a monopod, my Nike+ GPS watch, Nike sneakers, and the dongle in my shoe, I headed out to track the distance as well as footage of places one might not otherwise see while on a cruise.  

Before heading out to start filming, I didn’t check my camera settings and had it set to time-lapse stills instead of video.  I didn’t discover this until I arrived down on deck 6.  Never one to give up so easily, it required that I redo the taping of decks 16 to down 6.  On my second turn, I missed the aft section on deck 16 and inserted my iPhone 4S video of the Zipline and Flowrider.  Other than that, all footage was taken with my GoPro.  

Some areas, most specifically the hallways on the decks, are slightly “bouncy,” but that’s because I sped up those areas a little more otherwise the video would be twice as long.  I think the video should give you, whether you’ve been on the Oasis of the Seas before or not, a great overall idea of the ship after her dry dock changes in Rotterdam during the first two weeks of October 2014.  

Does this video make you want to get onboard the Oasis of the Seas? Why or why not?