Video: The View from IcelandAir Flight 454 | Iceland to London

VIDEO: View from IcelandAir from Iceland to London

IcelandAir from Iceland to London
IcelandAir 757-200 aircraft

While some people might get nervous before a flight and some even hate the thought of flying, I get excited at the idea of getting in a plane and jetting off to distant lands.  On a recent flight with IcelandAir from Iceland to London, I took a quick time-lapse video while sitting in a 757-200 as we went from the tarmac to the sky.

The sped up video makes it feel like we flew off the ground and immediately into the clouds, but you can see the Icelandic landscape before we enter the clouds.

Next up on the site we arrive in London where I eat, shop, and drink.  But really.  What did you expect me to do?  Check out those posts and some others under my Destinations: London  section on the website.

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