Vegan Provincetown: Grab ‘n Go Health Bar

vegan Provincetown
Grab ‘n Go Health Bar

Summer’s here and that means it’s time to get out of town. This past Friday I took the fast ferry from Boston to Provincetown for an overnight getaway. While there, I was looking for somewhere with tasty and healthy options and I found all that at Grab ‘n Go Health Bar, located opposite the post office. Follow me as I try to discover if there’s a vegan Provincetown for me here.

Vegan Provincetown: Why I Chose Grab ‘N Go 

vegan Provincetown

This small storefront on Commercial Street offers up fresh juices, fruit smoothies, protein shakes, acai bowls, overnight oats, salad, tacos, zucchini noodles, and even vegan soft serve. And while I had read mixed reviews on Yelp, I didn’t let that convince me not to visit and I’m so glad I did.

The Menu

vegan Provincetown
Front counter

After walking up to the counter, I was a little taken aback by the sheer number of options available. Any non-meat eater out there knows how we usually have one or two choices on a given menu so this was a pleasant surprise. After studying the menu for a few minutes, I was ready to order.

vegan Provincetown
Menu board

Mr. TSG chose the Power Pack acai bowl with peanut butter, acai, banana, chia, dates, hemp protein, and almond milk and topped with almonds, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, bee pollen, hemp hearts, and cacao nibs.

What's an acai bowl and why do I see them now everywhere? Think of an acai bowl as a smoothie with a spoon. Click To Tweet
vegan Provincetown
Image via Flickr by Eli Duke

TSG Tip: What’s an acai bowl and why do I see them now everywhere? The acai berry is a superfood full of amazing benefits and can be used to make a smoothie base for the acai bowl. Then top it with fun toppings that are good for you and will keep you satisfied for hours and you’ve found a breakfast winner. Some traditional acai bowl toppings include oatmeal, fruit, and peanut butter, but you can do pretty much whatever you like. Think of an acai bowl as a smoothie with a spoon.

Date Night Smoothie

vegan Provincetown
Date Night smoothie

As for me, I was in the mood for a morning smoothie as I have one every morning. This was the Date Night smoothie which had dates, cacao nibs, banana, cashews, and rice milk. This was one of those really thick kind of smoothies and I ended up passing it off to, you guessed it, Mr. TSG who never turns down a good smoothie.

Power Pack

vegan Provincetown
Power Pack Acai Bowl

Now for the great surprise of the weekend, the Power Pack acai bowl. I freely admit that I’m usually put off by things like bright green smoothies or juices and acai bowls are usually that neon bright purple and that just doesn’t seem right. Grab ‘n Go Health Bar does something different by blending the acai with other items so it’s neither thick and pasty or bright purple. I absolutely loved the taste of this with the crunchy toppings and fruit and it was all I could think about all day.

Island Life

vegan Provincetown
Island Life Acai Bowl

That meant later in the day and before hopping back on the fast ferry to go home, I stopped back once again at Grab ‘n Go Health Bar and ordered up the Island Life acai bowl. This bowl was a blend of pineapple, mango, acai, banana, and coconut milk and was topped with shredded coconut granola, kiwi, and pineapple. Big enough to share if you’re nice or perfect as a breakfast, lunch, snack, or to eat any time of day.

Other Options at Grab ‘n Go

In addition to the made to order offerings, they also have a cooler with grab and go beverages and a wall stocked full of grab and go snacks, most of which are vegan, but some aren’t so check the labels. I was looking forward to the vegan soft serve, but the machine wasn’t working unfortunately. This seems to be an ongoing issue with them so I do hope they get it fixed or replaced as many people love this as a summer time option.

This spot is popular with both the locals and tourists and there were always people ordering and then waiting in the big Adirondack chairs out front for their food. Sit and eat your food there or take it with you. Although I recommend sitting here and relaxing while people watching on Commercial Street.

While you contemplate drinking and eating all day and night like you know you’ll do in Provincetown, balance out the alcohol and carbs. How? With a vegan Provincetown option of a few good meals or snacks at Grab ‘n Go Health Bar.

Grab ‘n Go Health Bar
212 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

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