Travel Product Review: Shelves-to-Go

As a travel junkie, I always covet the stress-free traveler who can pack and go in an instant and look effortless no matter the time of day. Let’s face it, that’s just not me. I try to find products to make my life easier and when I do, I will gladly share these products with you the reader. For my birthday, my husband purchased Shelves-to-Go for me and I am trying this out on my trip this week.

This is from the Shelves-to-Go website:

Welcome to Shelves-To-GO®! You’ll find it one of the most innovative travel products on the market.

  • Forget those dirty, dusty hotel drawers
  • No more worrying about lost socks, ties, shirts or belts
  • Unpack your clothes and repack in seconds
    You won’t feel like you’re living out of a suitcase. Your clothes will stay fresh, clean, and neatly pressed in your suitcase and hanging in your hotel room.Learn the secret that flight attendants and pilots are raving about! Packing our way only takes seconds with Shelves To GO.


  • You’re basically packing once. Pack your clothes on the Shelves-to-Go unit and then hang it up when you arrive at your destination. When it’s time to leave, put the whole unit back in your bag. Simple!
  • It can hold up to 35 lbs. worth of clothes! That’s a lot of clothes!
  • I put my shoes on the bottom of the bag and then put in the Shelves-to-Go unit on top so my shoes and clothes are separated.
  • I usually use packing cubes so this was somewhat uncomfortable for me. I can adapt easily, so I will just have to get over myself!
  • I like having something over my clothes, like the closed packing cube cover, so having my clothes exposed on top seems strange to me. I’m sure that’s just me and I can always put something over the top if I needed to.
  • I had to make space in my closet to hang it up in order to pack and then I had no idea if I had packed too much. Experience will definitely make this easier over time.Not having traveled yet with this item, thus far I can say that I think it will work out well. I tried it out in a smaller suitcase, more of a carry on 20″ piece, and it fit, but I wouldn’t have been able to fill it up as much as I did in my larger bag. I suspect that this will be a regular travel accessory for me in the future.You can purchase Shelves-to-Go directly from the Shelves-to-Go website or on The Medium 12″x18″ size sells for $36.95 and the Large 12″x20″ size sells for $39.95 on either site. Wish me luck on my travels and I’ll let you know how this product does on my trip.

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