Product Review: Pack Gear – Stay Organized on the Go

Pack Gear Can Help You Stay Organized When You Travel


Pack Gear

I need a change with my packing habits and Pack Gear is here to make my day.  Why? Because I have a thing with luggage.  Read on…

Pack gear
My luggage graveyard

This picture more than speaks for itself.  I think you can tell that I’m something of a luggage hoarder.  It’s not intentional by any means.  But I’ve always felt that I’m going to find some fantastic piece of luggage that will solve all of my travel issues.  But it never happens and so they all find a way to the luggage graveyard.  (DISCLAIMER: They’re not all mine so I’m not really that much of a hoarder if I say that, right?)

I admit that I used to think that the bigger and larger the suitcase, the better my trip would be.  But as time has passed and I travel more often these days, I can’t be bothered lugging a huge suitcase all over the place.  A few years ago I started bringing a smaller bag and using packing cubes, which has helped me to streamline my packing considerably.  But could there be something even better that could make my travel even easier?

Pack Gear
See how small it is when folded?

Yes there is.  Inventors are always creating and improving luggage and luggage accessories and I recently heard about Pack Gear.  They, too, had become tired of packing and unpacking on their travels and wanted to make something that would keep their bag organized.  And so the Pack Gear Backpack Organizer or PACK was born.

Now I’ve tried other organizational products for packing like Shelves-to-Go, but this was different.   Weighing in at a mere 9 ounces, the PACK measures 1/2″ x 9″ x 7″ when empty and can actually fit into a Manila envelope.

The rugged yet lightweight backpack organizer has high quality nylon compartments, which allows you to grab what you need and go without having to unpack your entire bag, whether a suitcase or a backpack.  The PACK has been designed to fit perfectly inside a 30L+ backpack.  Filled it measures 18″ x 9″ x 7″ and allows you to pack and unpack your bag in only 10 seconds.

So how does it work?

With several compartments including top and front loading pockets that are reinforced with snap closures, the PACK lets you pack everything into one tiny organizer so all you have to do when you get to where you’re going is pull it out and hang it up in a closet.  One extra benefit of using the PACK is that if you need to find something in your bag, you don’t have to pull everything out if it’s something on the bottom of your backpack or suitcase.  That in itself is worth every penny you spend on this product.  No more sitting on the floor in the airport, hotel room, train station — wherever —  fumbling around with your bag to find that one thing in your bag.

Here’s my own experience with the PACK.  I decided to try it out for my next trip and although a short trip, I decided to pack as if I was going on a longer trip.  I packed everything from underwear, workout clothes, sneakers, several t-shirts and tops, pants, and a dress.  Basically enough clothing for at least 7-10 days if not more.

Instead of grabbing one of my larger 20″ suitcases and several packing cubes and having at it, I grabbed my 19″ SwissGear suitcase (although it actually measures 17″ H  x 13″ W x 8″ D) and easily placed the PACK inside the small bag.  No shoving, swearing, or unpacking needed.  It all fit inside easily without any problems.

Pack Gear
My Pack Gear in my open suitcase

No really — it did fit with room to spare for other things like an extra pair of sandals, my TSA 3-1-1 bag in the outer pocket, and my toiletry bag.  I’m super excited to not have to unpack at my destination as I’ll simply pull it out and hang it in the closet.  The PACK will keep me organized and I’ll spend way less time packing and unpacking and that I really, really like.

Want to learn more or order your own PACK in blue or black?  Just visit the Pack Gear website and order yours today.  If you use the code TravelShop15 you can even get 15% off your order.  You can thank me later when you find yourself more organized and your bag is way lighter.

While Pack Gear provided a sample pack for me to test out and review, all opinions on the above product are my own.