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travel necessities
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Do you ever feel like you bring way too much with you when you travel? How can you guarantee that you have everything without needing to drag dozens of bags behind you? When I first started traveling, I would bring everything. I’m not talking a few things, but practically everything I owned for all of those “just in case” moments that never happened. By using a basic packing strategy and packing a few must have travel necessities, you’ll definitely enjoy travel more by packing only what’s important. Here are a few items that I like that definitely can help alleviate stress associated with any trip.

travel necessities


You’ve probably heard of my love for packing cubes before, but seriously, how great are they? These days I often travel with only a carry on bag and there’s nothing worse than watching a TSA agent have to unzip your bag and begin pullings things out. With packing cubes, everything is organized in your bag and in the airport. That means no more embarrassing moments with a stranger rifling through your unmentionables. Plus when you get to your final destination all you have to do is open a dresser drawer and throw your packing cubes in. How easy is that?

The 2-pack Electrolight Packing Cube Set from Lewis N. Clark take packing cubes to the next level with their ultra-lightweight durable silnylon fabric that’s both water- and stain-resistant. In typical Lewis N. Clark style, all of their products are not only rugged, but lightweight. These packing cubes weigh a mere 4 1/2 ounces and the set comes with 2 cubes in medium (8.5in x 11in x 2in) and large (12in x 14.5in x 2in). Pack anything from underwear, socks, or gadgets all the way up to pants and sweaters in these cubes and stay organized.

travel necessities


Looking for the perfect travel bag to carry your travel documents, wallet, and credit cards and keep them safe at the same time? Then you definitely want to consider carrying a RFID-blocking bag.

What’s RFID? RFID is Radio-Frequency IDentification and most things we own or buy contain RFID chips like our passports, credit cards, and even cards used to access public transportation. To avoid having your information stolen from RFID hackers, consider using RFID-blocking wallets or bags like the Complete Travel Bag. This lightweight and stylish bag has a RFID-protected organizer that keeps you organized and safe. Throw it over your shoulder or convert it into a backpack. Either way, all of your personal items are safely protected. I like to travel with a small handbag to shove my necessities into. Otherwise, I find I’m trying to fit them in my pockets and we all know how that turns out.

travel necessities


I like to think of myself as an experienced traveler and packer and one thing I always pack no matter how long or short a trip is a small day bag. The basic requirement for this bag is that it has to be small, lightweight, and easy to roll up and stick inside both my luggage and my handbag. That’s why I was seriously ecstatic when I saw the Electrolight RFID-Blocking  Day Pack. I had never really considered RFID-blocking in a lightweight day pack and now I can have the convenience of a day pack with added protection for whatever I carry.

Inside the ultra-lightweight large main compartment with a cinch top you’ll find plenty of room for whatever you need to carry along with an external zip pocket with RFID-blocking material. The pack has a breathable padded back and straps as well as an adjustable sternum strap. There’s so much room you might want to load this 15in x 12in x 5in pack, but don’t do it. Remember, less is more. I even put some ghost equipment inside and used it to help me out during a night investigation. This day pack will become your go to pack for day trips or long trips after you use it for the first time.

These are just a few of my latest travel necessities, courtesy of Lewis N. Clark. What are some of your travel must haves or travel necessities?

While Lewis N. Clark provided me with these complimentary travel products to try out and review, all opinions on the above products are solely my own.

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