Why You Need to Shop at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in New York

Woodbury Common
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Who’s ready for a little shopping therapy? While in New York on my Northeast road trip with my friend, Danielle of CruiseMiss.com, we decided to go shopping at one of the largest contiguous outlet centers in the world, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Despite the downpours, it looked like everyone was out to get a good deal, including me.

Woodbury Common
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

If you haven’t heard of Woodbury Common, you don’t know what you’re missing. With 220 stores, not only do locals and those from NYC travel to shop here, but this is a shopping destination for tourists, too. Why? Because the deals are so good that while it might seem crazy to wheel a suitcase around an outlet mall, in the end you’ll go home with the best deals on designer and name brand goods that you won’t find anywhere else.

TSG Tip: Before setting foot inside any store, head directly to the information desk for your VIP coupon for discounts on the already low prices here. If you don’t have one, pick up a copy of the New York travel book inside the information center. Otherwise, check with AAA or online in advance of your visit. It’s definitely worth it as it helped me to save big money while shopping.

Woodbury Common
Inside Yankee Candle

On the day we visited Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, we noticed that the stores were either super empty, like this Yankee Candle store, or ridiculously busy like the Nike store where we had to stand in a line outside in the rain just to go inside (see the first picture for proof). Crazy yes – but when you want a great bargain you’re probably willing to do just about anything.

I’ve been a long time admirer of Diane von Furstenberg and her iconic wrap dress so when I saw a DVF store here, I had to go inside. Give up trying to restrain yourself once you see all of the shoes, bags, and wrap dresses at deeply discounted prices.

I’ve always wanted a DVF wrap dress, but couldn’t justify the price. As a long time bargain shopper, I saw that this particular dress was marked down from $398 to $150. What a steal right? But wait. When I got up to the register, they applied an additional discount which meant I got the dress for right around $90. I now understood that look in the eyes of shoppers I passed that made them appear to be high on something and that something was a great deal. Like a junkie I knew I’d want more of the same, but first… lunch.

Woodbury Common
Maoz Vegetarian

Well, what do we have here in Market Hall? This was the first time I had ever seen a Maoz Vegetarian in the United States. I had only seen them before in Amsterdam and London. How I wish there was one in Boston, too. I love that a healthy vegetarian restaurant is going mainstream and offering something appealing for the masses.

Woodbury Common
Melt Shop at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

However, once I spotted Melt Shop, I knew I had to have a grilled cheese. I have had this long time love affair with the gooey center and crisp exterior of a well made grilled cheese. But seriously, who doesn’t love grilled cheese especially on a cold and rainy day?

Woodbury Common
Melt Shop lunch

Here’s the lunch tray that Danielle and I shared so stop judging and please don’t lick your computer.

Woodbury Common
Truffle Melt

I ordered the Truffle Melt, which was muenster, truffle oil and arugula on sourdough as well as the loaded tots covered with “stuff.” Danielle being from the UK didn’t know what tater tots were. I felt it was my duty to introduce her to the stuff of my childhood. Then I washed it all down with strawberry lemonade. So good and I wanted a nap after lunch.

Woodbury Common
Bus schedule for Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

In case you want one as well, consider taking a bus from New York City or other parts of New York to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

We had such a great time shopping we returned the following day before leaving for Massachusetts and did way more shopping at stores like Converse and Calvin Klein, just to name a few. We had so many bags I was worried we wouldn’t be able to fit them all in our convertible, but we did. With plenty of free parking, a wide variety of restaurants to refuel while shopping, and bargains that make you never want to quit shopping, you’d be crazy not to stop here if you’re in the area, but even if you’re not you need to make your way to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets ASAP.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
498 Red Apple Ct, Central Valley, NY 10917-6619

Have you ever shopped at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets? Did you like it? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

On day nine we depart a rain soaked New York and head to Lexington, MA. Check out the many pics of our trip by reading all of the road trip posts and also searching the hashtag, #TwoChicksAndARoadTrip on Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook.

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