Royal Caribbean Luxury: Curating One of a Kind Experiences at Sea

Luxury That Is Anything But Boring At Royal Caribbean: Royal Genies Curate a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Are you thinking about a fun and effortless vacation? How about a Royal Caribbean luxury experience at sea? Then you might want to consider sailing in Star Class onboard Royal Caribbean for a truly one-of-a-kind cruising experience.  Watch the video below to see why guests are booking high end suites with Royal Caribbean.

From the Royal Caribbean website:

Guests indulging in Royal Caribbean’s luxurious Star Class have the chance to enjoy the ultimate perk – a Royal Genie dedicated to building the ultimate personalized cruising experience. From planning once-in-a-lifetime destination adventures to a perfect dinner to celebrate a milestone, Royal Genies cater to their guests’ every whim – and create experiences that can’t even be imagined.

When was the last time you were really pampered? Think it can’t be done on a cruise? If so, you haven’t sailed recently. Cruising is not just only fun, but it can be all things including luxury like you’ve never seen before. Sailing in the 10 top suites on the qualifies you for Star Class and a Royal Genie. These aren’t stuffy tuxedo clad butlers, but think instead of a business casual staffer who will anticipate your every need onboard. Guests receive a questionnaire about six weeks before sailing to help personalize their individual cruise and needs.

This is only one aspect of the luxury offerings while at sea on Royal Caribbean. I am dying to get back onboard a Royal Caribbean ship soon and can only imagine how special sailing in Star Class is. Who’s ready for some Royal Caribbean luxury service from a Royal Genie besides me?