Printable Packing List

Photos: PIxabay
Photos: PIxabay

How many times have I gotten halfway to my destination and realized I forgot to pack something (i.e., contact case, glasses, saline, socks, etc.)? This has become the running joke between my husband and myself. Even though I pack in advance, I seem to forget the most important items every time. Here is one way to prevent this from happening. A printable packing list. Tell me what you think!

Update 4/16/2015: If you’re looking for a more comprehensive packing list, check out this list from Auto Europe, which covers bare essentials, clothing, personal, and recreation & gadgets. From shoes to jackets to contraceptives, there’s no way you’ll forget anything for your next trip if you use this list!

One thought on “Printable Packing List

  1. What a great list for vacation packing – It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    We’re going to my niece’s wedding in Cancun and the beach section on this site was really helpful too.

    Thanks for posting this.

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