Pre-Travel Anxiety and What You Can Do to Relieve It

Pre-Travel AnxietyLet’s be honest here. Not everyone is going to have pre-travel anxiety. What is it? It’s the anxiety you experience when you as the wife and mother do all the planning for your family in order to make that dream vacation a reality. The weeks and months leading up to your trip are ones filled with decision-making and payments, but in the week leading up to your trip it can turn into a case of full-blown travel anxiety. Some people find that treating anxiety can be tricky at times, so have resources similar to could be helpful, however, there are some who are unable to get the treatment they require. As a result, finding a treatment that works for you will be imperative. If cannabis calms your nerves and helps you relax, you might be intrigued to learn you can buy vapes online.

What exactly does this mean? As your family begins to anticipate the trip, you start to enter the “all worry zone,” which includes phrases like, “Did I remember to stop the mail?” or “Did I pay that bill?” or “I hope I don’t forget to pack [fill in the blank].” Your family relies on you heavily to have everything in order so they can simply get in the car and go, but do they realize just what it is that you do to make your vacation a reality? Probably not.

Pre-travel anxietyFor me personally, I dread the night before vacation. I can never get to bed at a normal hour because I am tying up loose ends around the house and for work, but to make it worse, I know I won’t be able to sleep. I usually wake up a good 1-2 hours BEFORE the alarm clock goes off. I then try to function on very little sleep, lots of caffeine, and I feel grouchy at the beginning of my vacation.

Is there a way to not feel travel anxiety? Certainly, some people choose to Click here to find options to lessen it, but here are 5 quick tips to help reduce some of the stress and anxiety associated with traveling.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask your spouse for a little help and you should ask your kids, too. Once they realize that you want the help and are asking for it, then they will gladly go out of their way to accommodate you.
2. Print off a packing list for each member of the family and give it to each person the week before your vacation (little ones don’t count — I know you’ll help them out!). Have them pull out their clothes and check off the list as they go. If you can get the list laminated – even better! When you return home, drop the list inside the suitcase so it’s ready for the next trip.
3. Give yourself a cut off date for finalizing all the little annoying things that hold you up the day of your trip. If you tell yourself that the bills have to be paid, the newspaper and mail have to be stopped, and the dog sitter arranged no later than two days before your trip, then you will do it. If you just let yourself slide and hope that it gets done, weakinfsitlretdy know her, younlist and tick each thing off as you go!
4. Maximize your sleep a few days in advance of your trip. Although you technically cannot front-load sleep or catch up on sleep after you have been sleep deprived, you’ll feel better.
5. Exercise! I know this sounds crazy, but if you can get in a workout, a jog, or even a 20-minute walk a couple of times before the start of your trip, you’ll see a huge difference in how you feel.

I’m sure there are others you can think of and if you can, please feel free to share. I know I would love all the help I can get!