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Fresh fruit from the Great Outdoors Café
Fresh fruit from the Great Outdoors Café

Cruise food isn’t all heavy, fattening food that makes you gain weight while on vacation.  In addition to the two main dining rooms onboard the Norwegian Sky, which I covered in my last post that you can read here, there are several other dining venues onboard from complimentary to specialty dining options.  

For breakfast, lunch, or late night dining, venture outside to the Great Outdoors Café for fresh air and a serve yourself buffet.  The seating outside offers a great view from deck 11 as well as the small deck above on deck 12.  

TSG Tip:  The food here may be similar to what’s offered inside in the Garden Café, but you’ll still be able to find good food fast as the lines will always be shorter.  

Located inside on deck 11 is the Garden Café, Norwegian Sky‘s other complimentary buffet.  Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there’s something for everyone no matter what time of day.  

TSG Tip: There are two sides to the buffet line so if you enter and see a line, keep walking over to the other side toward the beverage station where there most likely will be no one on line and use that side of the buffet.  No one likes to stand in a line, right? 

In addition to the complimentary venues onboard, you definitely should also check out the specialty dining and bars/lounges on the Norwegian Sky.  One of my favorites was the Coffee Bar located aft on deck 7.  While yes, it was a coffee shop that opened up at 7 am and served Lavazza coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattés, it was so much more than that.  The best part of the coffee bar, aside from it staying open all day and night, was Reginald Grant.  An amazing bartender, Reginald hails from Jamaica and has been with Norwegian Cruise Line for 18 years!  His first contract was on the SS Norway, he had the opportunity to be on the Sky when she was a brand new ship, and now has been on the ship for three years.  

TSG Tip:  Go down to the Coffee Bar, grab a seat, and chat with Reginald.  You’ll absolutely enjoy his company!

TSG Tip: If you order a coffee, you can also grab one of the baked items at no extra cost and skip the craziness of the buffets upstairs.  


For meat lover’s who enjoy a great steak, Cagney’s is Norwegian Cruise Line’s steakhouse that you’ll find onboard all ships.  With seating for 100 guests, you can enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine as well as choice cut of Certified Angus Beef for dinner.  Price per person: $30 adults/$15 children Other specialty dining options include Il Adagio, the Italian restaurant located aft on deck 11 ($15 adults/$7.50 children) and Le Bistro, the French restaurant located mid ship on deck 5 ($20 adults/$10 children).

TSG Tip: Want to try Il Adagio for free? Visit during lunch for their pizza or pasta from 12-3 pm.  

Maybe you’re in the mood for a relaxed atmosphere, a few drinks, and a game on the television overhead.  If so, head on over to the Longboard Bar located aft on deck 11.  This sports bar offers a breakfast and lunch buffet and drinks a plenty.  

With several bars and lounges onboard the Norwegian Sky, some are conducive to quiet drinks and music and others are perfect for letting loose and really having a blast.  

Breakers Bar: Poolside on deck 11 aft.  Check out the daily drink special and if you’re hungry, help yourself to the ice cream machine located at the end of the bar.
Captain Cook’s Bar: A dark, masculine bar located mid ship on deck 6, have a drink or two and reflect on your day with friends.
Dazzles Nightclub:  Dancing, game shows, and Bandaoke (Karaoke with a band) all in Dazzles located mid ship on deck 6.
Outrigger Lounge: A cool, relaxed vibe is what you’ll find in the Outrigger Lounge, located forward on deck 11.  If you feel like trivia, dancing, or ballroom music, head on over to this fun destination.
Plantation Club: With a premium selection of champagne, extensive wine selection, and full bar, you can unwind aft on deck 12 with a little bubbly.

TSG Tip:  If you’re looking for sushi onboard, you’ll find it in the Plantation Club where it’s served a la carte. 

Atrium Bar
Atrium Bar

The Atrium Bar, located mid ship on deck 7, is pearlescent centerpiece offering beers, cocktails, and of course, martinis.  Stop by before or after dinner, listen to some music, and peer out at the sunset through the large glass windows on this deck.  

Martini time! A French Raspberry Martini in the Atrium Bar
Martini time! A French Raspberry Martini in the Atrium Bar

Now you didn’t think I would pass up the chance to enjoy a martini while on the Norwegian Sky did you?  The funny thing about this is that after I took the picture, I accidentally hit my glass with my phone and there was a huge pool of martini on the table, floor, and of course, all over me.  What’s really strange about this is that despite spilling what seemed like most of my drink, it looked like it was still completely full.  Those glasses are huge and that French Raspberry Martini was delish!  

If you’re a sun worshipper and prefer to spend all of your time poolside, don’t worry as you’ll be able to enjoy both food and beverages without ever having to get up from your chair.  My drink of choice on this cruise was the Skinny TropiColada, which had a fun, tropical taste without all the calories you’d get from Piña Colada.  All I can say is, “Yum!”

TSG Tip:  If you have a wet pool towel, try to exchange it before you go back to your cabin as the towel exchange desk doesn’t open until 9 am.  

Thank you Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) for your support
Thank you Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide) for your support

Who would’ve thought Pitbull would be onboard the Norwegian Sky?  Ok, so he wasn’t, but all the product placement cards for Voli Vodka around the ship made me feel like I was sailing with him.  

Some people consider the Norwegian Sky and the short Bahamas cruises “party” ships.  After talking to a few of the crew members and experiencing it for myself, I can tell you that this is not always the case.  Certainly it depends on the other guests and the time of year that you sail.  For my May cruise it was quiet — like really quiet.  So don’t always believe what you hear and my best advice is to take a chance and try a cruise out before you think it might not be for you.  You never know – you might actually enjoy yourself. 

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  1. Thanks for leaving down to earth reviews here… I have been digging around in forums of negative nancys trying to find some grounded opinion on the ship as I have a cruise coming up on the ship in March.

    1. Thanks! It’s so weird that there are so many negative comments out there. It’s an affordable cruise option on an older ship and while it does make for a great short cruise, it’s not a new ship. I personally had a great time and think you will, too! Thanks again for the great feedback. Much appreciated. Come back and let us know how your cruise was.

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