My First In Water Massage at the Blue Lagoon | Iceland

in water massage
My first in water massage at the Blue Lagoon

Have I found the ultimate in relaxation for you! One of the best Iceland travel tips I can recommend is an in water massage at the Blue Lagoon. If you want to feel weightless and completely relaxed, there’s nothing quite like it. On my recent trip to Iceland, I not only visited the Blue Lagoon, but had a chance to experience an in water massage in the Blue Lagoon‘s healing geothermal waters for myself for the first time. There are a lot of places to relax you might want to head to the So Heavenly Massage site to see an example, however, water massage right be even more enjoyable.

in water massage
The Blue Lagoon

While this is the image everyone thinks of for the Blue Lagoon, there’s a private area by the bridges dedicated to spa services that some people never see or experience for themselves. This quiet area for “healing and relaxation” will provide you with an experience like no other you’ve had before. It’s recommended that you pre-book your spa service in advance due to high demand. Guests are asked to check in at reception 60 minutes prior to their treatment.

in water massage
Inside the Blue Lagoon

TSG Tip: Once you depart the locker rooms, you end up by the stairs to exit through the doors here. But did you know you could enter this small plunge pool that takes you directly outside? I didn’t! There’s a door that let you “walk” along the building and directly toward the spa services area. I mention this because on those occasions where it is brutally cold outside, you probably would be better off getting in the water inside instead of running outside to jump in. Believe me when I say that when it’s cold, you’d much rather be in the water! Once at the end of December as I ran across one of the bridges, which I don’t advise, I swear my feet were starting to stick to the wood. That’s cold!

in water massage
The Blue Lagoon

The area all around the spa is calm and inviting. How’s that for a view as you approach the spa services area in front of the sauna and steam rooms?

If you’re not sampling the spa services for yourself, you’ll be able to go right up to the bridge area, but they do keep it separated to allow spa guests to have a calming and relaxing experience.

As you get close to the spa services area you’ll see this sign and if you look closer, you can see that the area is roped off as well. On the other side, closer to the building, is an area where you can wait until your masseuse is ready for you. Aron greeted me promptly and showed me how to take the floating mat and put it under me so I could lay on it in the water during the massage.

If you look carefully in the picture below, that’s me sporting a lovely Blue Lagoon swim cap. Keeping in mind that my lovely red locks are not natural (shocker, huh?), my hair has a tendency to “bleed” in the water (at the gym as well, but that’s an entirely different story). I opted for the swim cap, which worked for the most part. However, after my massage I realized that some water had seeped in and when I stood up, the water that came out was shockingly red.

TSG Tip: If you take a look at my GoPro video of the Blue Lagoon on YouTube, you’ll hear me reference a “shark.” That’s because the “red” water was pouring down me and I had to find the humor in it. I ran inside to find a towel to dry my hair up and then quickly knotted it up to avoid getting any of it in the water.

in water massage
Waiting for my in water massage

Once on the mat, I was covered with towels before the massage commenced. As you can see in the pictures, there are two people laying on tables in the water and I believe they were getting the salt glow or algae treatment whereas I was getting the massage. Aron was professional, quite, and soft spoken, which was perfect for the setting. Nothing is a bigger buzzkill than a chatty massage therapist.

After I pushed through my initial fleeting fear of drowning while receiving an in water massage, it was nearly instantaneous relaxation. This is coming from someone whose brain never seems to stop. No, I’m not saying I’m some kind of savant doing mathematical computations nonstop. It’s more of list making of things I need to do, things I forgot to do, things I need to pick up, etc. But in that water I was so relaxed that my brain paused long enough for me to lay back, relax, and enjoy the experience entirely. I’m not sure if it was the wonderful geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, Aron, or the massage, but I suspect it was a combination of the three that did it for me. Aron massaged my legs, arms, back, and neck with Blue Lagoon oil and massaged my muscles to complete relaxation. I was then allowed to float on the mat until I was ready to leave. But not for the fact that I was on a schedule to leave for the airport, I might have laid on that mat and slept. I was that relaxed!

in water massage
Massage time!

The Blue Lagoon offers the following types of massages:

  • Relaxing Massage: A relaxing massage with a massage oil that contains Blue Lagoonactive ingredients and essential oils. A unique experience for body and soul. (30 or 60 minutes)
  • Silica Indulgence: A deep cleansing and renewing silica massage that reduces stress and muscle tension in the shoulders and back, beginning with a massage using Blue Lagoonsilica mud, which cleanses and exfoliates your skin. Choose between 30 or 60 minute treatments.
  • Foot and Leg Empowerment: Beautifying and detoxifying foot and leg therapy. You begin with a geothermal sea salt scrub, then your legs are wrapped in minerals. Finish off with a relaxing Blue Lagoon foot and leg massage. (60 minutes)
  • Pure Salt Glow: A deep cleansing and renewing mineral salt glow that gives your skin a healthy appearance, using Blue Lagoon geothermal sea salt scrub that exfoliates the skin and stimulates skin function. (30 minutes)
  • Authentic Silica Salt Glow: A renewing and cleansing full body treatment. The skin is polished with a unique combination of Blue Lagoon minerals, silica and oil, leaving you with a fresh and glowing complexion. Choose between 30, 60 or 90 minute treatments.
  • Nourishing & Glowing Algae Treatment: A treatment that cleanses and nurtures the skin. It starts with a salt glow, where the skin is polished with Blue Lagoon minerals and oils, followed by a nourishing algae wrap, while face and scalp are gently massaged. The treatment ends with a 50 minute full body massage. (110 minutes)
  • Energizing & Firming Silica Treatment: A cleansing and strengthening treatment for the skin. It starts with a salt glow and you float on a mattress while your face and scalp are gently massaged. The treatment ends with a 50 min full body massage in the lagoon. (110 minutes)
  • Mother to Be Indulgence: A relaxing and nourishing massage for expecting mothers. The massage is designed to relieve some of the normal discomforts of pregnancy, such as fatigue, backaches, and swollen feet. (60 minutes)
  • Mini Massage (for 6-11 years old): Relaxing and calming massage for children that reduces tension and provides a feeling of well-being. The child relaxes on a mattress in the lagoon and is massaged with Blue Lagoon massage oil. (20 minutes)
in water massage
Soaking in the Blue Lagoon

In addition to in water massages, the Blue Lagoon also offers an abundance of other spa services including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, and brow and lash services. It is my belief that if you do something more than once, you have to mix things up.

in water massage
Beauty treatments

If you’ve been to the Blue Lagoon and haven’t had a massage, you have to try one the next time you visit. This is the perfect way to relieve any pre travel anxiety you might have before a flight, too. A high-concentration CBD oil couldn’t hurt either if you’re trying to destress and relax. If you haven’t been to the Blue Lagoon, what are you waiting for? Book your flight to Iceland today and visit one of the most amazing countries in the world and before you leave, make sure you stop in and enjoy the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon
240 Grindavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 420 8800
Web site:

From Airport to Blue Lagoon: 23 km (20 min by car)
From City Centre to Blue Lagoon: 47 km (50 min by car)

Latitude: N +63.881363 (63°52’52.9068″N)
Longitude: W -22.453115 (-22°27’11.214″W)

*While Blue Lagoon provided me with admission, an Experience Comfort package, and a massage, all opinions and photographs are my own.*