MSC Yacht Club and the One Pool | MSC Preziosa

04161965-ABA8-452A-BDFB-FD61C8057582_zpsc6uu9eloRelaxation is key when you’re on vacation and if you really want to kick back and relax, then you’ll have to consider doing so at The One Pool on deck 18 of the MSC Yacht Club on the MSC Preziosa. We’re talking panoramic views, top of the line lounge chairs that are comfy, and of course, The One Bar makes it the best place on the ship to sun and have a quick bite and a beverage.  

To get to The One Pool, either take the elevator to deck 18 or climb just one flight of stairs up.  Our suite was conveniently located near the stairs on deck 16, one flight down from The One Pool.  There is no deck 17 on the ship as 17 is considered an unlucky number.  To gain access to the MSC Yacht Club and any of its venues, including The One Pool, remember that you’ll have to be a guest staying in the MSC Yacht Club

The One Pool may not be the largest pool on the ship, but it certainly is the most exclusive.  It’s absolutely perfect for a quick dip while sunning or after a long day in port.  The canopy over the top of the pool provides ample shade and it was never overly congested.  During our cruise there was a large number of children sailing in the MSC Yacht Club so on our only sea day they did take up residence in the whirlpools and pool, but it didn’t bother me one bit.  Scoot over little one — I’m so getting in that hot tub!

With two whirlpools adjacent to the pool, there’s always room to take a quick dip — whether during the day or at sunset.  

TSG Tip: We had the entire deck to ourselves at sunset.  Not sure where everyone went (maybe dinner?) but it was the perfect place to unwind and have pool and whirlpools all to ourselves. 

Maybe you’re one of those people that has to lay out in the sun every day or it’s not a vacation.  If that’s you or maybe you’re more like me and like to dabble in the fine art of sunbathing now and again, the sun deck area is large enough to accommodate everyone in the MSC Yacht Club. It never felt overly crowded or as if you were laying on top of your neighbor.  The nice part was having the butlers not only bring out beverages, but snacks. If I could’ve tolerated the heat, I would’ve stayed there the entire cruise!

Don’t worry about getting hungry.  The One Bar has a selection of complimentary food and beverages that help round out your relaxing experience. Whether you’re looking for coffee, tea, soda, water, or an adult beverage, The One Bar has you covered.  While you probably could consider this a place for a meal, I suggest rinsing off, putting some clothes on, and exploring the rest of the ship instead of having all of your meals here. Think of The One Bar as more of a pit stop instead of a regular dining venue.  

Beverages:  Considering that guests staying in the MSC Yacht Club receive complimentary beverages, I was all about trying a wide variety of the drinks available.  Whether a Cosmo, Margarita, or Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, there’s plenty to choose from on any given day.  The menu at The One Pool is the same menu used in the Top Sail Lounge.  

Food:  It is impossible to go hungry while staying in the MSC Yacht Club onboard the MSC Preziosa. It seemed like at every turn there was food somewhere and The One Pool and Bar was no exception. Whether you choose your own salad or snack from the small buffet area or you pick something from the choices that the butlers bring around, there’s no shortage of food choices.  Choose wisely, sample, and don’t feel compelled to eat it all. 

Non-MSC Yacht Club guests trying to get in
Non-MSC Yacht Club guests trying to get in

By now you should know one thing about me: I’m easily amused.  When sitting waiting for a drink at The One Bar on our one sea day, I caught this view outside the MSC Yacht Club area.  People who were not staying in the MSC Yacht Club had set up residence just outside the entrance.  Several of them were actually loitering, waiting in hopes that the door would open as someone entered or exited for them to sneak inside.  Why? For one, it is the Yacht Club.  Two: There was lots of room to spread out vs. where they had come from on lower decks.  However, when I looked around, there was still plenty of room had they looked.  My guess is that they simply wanted to enter the Yacht Club.  The butlers were fully aware of this and weren’t about to let anyone in that shouldn’t be there. It was a little creepy and yet completely amusing at the same time.  

Members Only
Members Only

The sign clearly states: “MSC Yacht Club: Members Only,” but people will always try to break the rules.  Yes, I’m a rule breaker, but still…

Sunset as seen from The One Pool
Sunset as seen from The One Pool

I could completely forget about those rule breakers in an instant when taking in this amazing sunset from The One Pool.  The views were like no other and probably the only thing that I didn’t enjoy about The One Pool and the MSC Yacht Club was that I knew it eventually would come to an end and I couldn’t take it all home with me.  So sad!

If you’re considering taking a cruise, I say take the plunge and splurge on accommodations in the MSC Yacht Club onboard the MSC Preziosa or one of her sister ships.  It is more than well worth it as the entire experience made for a spectacular cruise and vacation.