MSC Poesia | MSC Cruises Ship Tour Part II

Here we are again on the MSC Poesia for our ship tour. The public spaces on the ship are definitely ones people will talk about. Take, for example, this area in front of Kaito Sushi Bar. There is a beautiful marble sculpture at the center and if you look carefully at the wall, there is a boat with some “sushi inside.” Granted it’s not real sushi, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. The soft color palette and streamlined look of the majority of the ship only adds to the overall tasteful decor.

The MSC Poesia by MSC Cruises has many bars and lounges on board, both indoor and outdoor. Pictured here is the Pigalle Lounge in all of its bright red splendor. The Pigalle Lounge is the second largest lounge at 9,149 sq. ft. with 330 seats after The Zebra Bar, which is 9,472 sq. ft. with 439 seats. The Zebra Bar‘s location is right next to the theatre so after a show, you simply walk out and you are right in the largest and possibly best bar and lounge area on the ship.

I loved the unexpected glow of the bar at the S32 Disco and I could totally imagine myself there and probably more so than some of the more traditional venues. Felt remniscent of an Austin Powers movie! In total there are 12 bars or lounges to pull up a seat at and enjoy a drink (or two) and relax.

  • Pigalle Lounge
  • The Zebra Bar
  • S32 Disco
  • Le Rendez-Vous Bar
  • Bar Smeraldo
  • Giada Bar
  • Casino Royal Bar
  • The Hitchcock Lounge Cigar Bar
  • Il Grappolo d’Oro Wine Bar
  • Bar dei Poeti Coffee Bar
  • Pirana Bar at the Coral Bay Pool Area
  • Mojito Bar at the Cayo Levantado Pool Area

After having a few drinks, I’m not sure if you would want to go to the gym, but there is one on the ship. Located within the the MSC Aurea Spa on Foscolo Deck (deck 13), this is a beautiful laid out gym with equipment that face out toward the open sea. This is so much better than some ships that have you on a piece of equipment facing a wall or worse, a mirror so you can see yourself sweating and panting while working out. We were on the ship around noon for our tour and the entire gym was vacant, but for a crew member repairing a piece of equipment. Now that’s my kind of gym! I would live in there because it would feel like it was all mine!

The MSC Aurea Spa is quite large at 12,486 square feet and as you can see here, there is also a beauty parlour located within the spa. Many cruise ships can offer you beverages, but this spa actually has a bar located within the spa so you can sit and have a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice before or after your massage or facial or how about a Pinky or Dirty Banana Shake? A Pinky is finely sliced strawberries immersed in a banana and yogurt smoothie while a Dirty Banana Shake is a shake of milk, sugar, banana, and chocolate syrup. Yum! There was quite a variety of beverages available although if you must know, all were non-alcoholic.

After you’re totally relaxed, you might be all set to do a little shopping so head on over to the Duty Free shop to drop a load of cash onboard. From their you can pick up your pictures from the Photo Gallery/Photo Shop, visit the Via delle Arte Art Gallery, and play a few cards in the Texas Poker Room or the Card Room. If you are ready to play for big bucks, why not stop by the Casino Royal, named after the James Bond film although to be honest, that one is called “Casino Royale.” I know picky, picky, but I can’t help myself!

Next time is all about the food and we’ll get to see some pictures and descriptions of the food onboard as well as the lunch in the main dining room that we experienced.

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