Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to NH

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to NH
Crossing a little stream in the woods in NH

What was I going to do for the long Memorial Day weekend?  I needed to make some plans and fast. Otherwise, I’d end up sitting at home and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe, just maybe, I could try something new.  I opted for a new adventure and that took me to Peterborough so here’s my Memorial Day Weekend getaway to New Hampshire.

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway to NH
Peterborough, NH

Although I went to college in New Hampshire (go UNH!), I had never been to this part of New Hampshire previously.  Located about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Boston, it’s the perfect place to get away from the city and become a weekend recluse.  We’re talking country living here with dirt roads, farm stands, and other things that this city mouse admits she may not be a fan of all the time.  But I’m open to trying anything.

My choice for where to rest my weary head after hiking seemed fairly simple.  I chose a barn off Airbnb with everything we would possibly need and an indoor basketball hoop and swing.

Of course, we packed up everything we needed, including a crockpot to make Black Bean Chili after we spent the day outdoors.  While there were a few pizza places, bars, and the like in the area, it was just easier to eat in and spend the rest of our time exploring.  In the mornings we would do a Dunkin’ Donuts run because as we all know in New England, there is a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner.

We took a walk out to the Daniel Cragin Mill, which is now known as Frye’s Measure Mill, an historic watermill built in 1858.  For the majority of its working life, the mill produced unique woodenware and wooden boxes used for dry measuring boxes.  Dry measure is what was used to measure dry bulk commodities such as grains, dried beans, dried and fresh fruit, and so on.  Once a standardized unit of measure became readily available, the need for dry measuring boxes decreased.  Currently the mill produces Shaker-style pantry boxes and furniture pieces for various Shaker communities and their own gift shop.  In 1982 Frye’s Measure Mill was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

TSG Tip: Daniel Cragin (not Daniel Craig of James Bond movie fame) was a mere 21-years-old when with a $10 investment, began making knife trays and wooden toys that he turned into a full-time business. With the profit he made, he bought a building that became the Daniel Cragin Mill.  So dream big people! Young or old, you, too, can make your dreams come true.

But the weekend wasn’t about eating in and visiting old historic buildings.  Instead, it was about hiking. Up next we’ll learn more about what exactly is Pack Monadnock and some more information about Miller State Park in New Hampshire.

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