Melodies and Travel Memories

Melodies and Travel Memories

melodies and travel memories

Let’s face it.  Music can enhance memory so it’s no surprise that during those special and important moments in our lives, we often have a memory connected to a specific song. As for me, my brain is chock full of melodies and travel memories. It’s safe to say that my list of music will be an eclectic one and so I hope you will find it interesting.  This was a very hard task as I usually have songs connected in my brain to specific moments in time and not necessarily travel so let’s have a go at it.

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men

I was in Iceland earlier this year and had fallen in love with this song before my trip.  Little did I know that the band is from Iceland.  Now whenever I hear this song it naturally makes me think of my trip and of that beautiful country.  I love how strange and quirky not only the video is, but also the song.  I love following them on FaceBook because I not only keep up with the band, but the post pics from wherever they are, including in Iceland.  Bonus for me!

“A Dios Le Pido” – Juanes

I spent some time in Colombia and Juanes is a popular Latino singer that I had never heard before.  For those that have heard of him, you might find that strange, but it’s true.  I love hearing his music as it transports me right back to Colombia and a special moment in time.

“Back in Black” – AC/DC

For the record, this is totally not the kind of music I listen to, but I have strong memories connected to this song.  In January 2010, we went on a cruise with our friend and her children and one of the ports was Nassau, Bahamas.  We ended up inside the ever popular Señor Frogs where my son and godson decided to sign Karaoke with my husband.  My son’s song of choice?  Back in Black!  Not the most amenable song for Karaoke and I was dying with laughter, but I can’t hear it without recalling the fun of that day!

“Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol

Another song that reminds me of cruising is this song, “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.  I was on Royal Caribbean‘s Independence of the Seas in February of 2009 and my husband and I went to an evening show.  Before the show started, the cruise director came out and started talking about the show and then said he was going to sing first.  I initially thought, “Oh no, this is going to be bad,” but honestly — he was so good and the song was as good as, if not better than the original!  I was in complete and totally awe and will never ever underestimate the hidden talents of a cruise ship director again.

“Crystalised” – The XX

This song from the British band, the XX, is one that has resonated with me deeply and so much so that I have turned it into my ringtone despite it now being a few years old.  It came out in 2009, but wherever I go it is there with me, even when I’m far from home.  A hauntingly beautiful song, it reminds me of my deep longing for England and all that it represents to me.

It’s time to share the fun with some fellow bloggers and see what their music and travel memories are as well.  Thank you Karla who tagged me and several others in her post about music, melodies and travel memories.

Trish @mumsgoneto
Pam @pamasberry
Sonja @happyhoyt
Danielle @CruiseMiss
Shon @cruiseman3000
Giulio and Nathalia @Followourcruise

Do you have any songs that remind you of traveling?  What are your melodies and travel memories? Share them in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing your songs.

6 thoughts on “Melodies and Travel Memories

  1. Interesting selection of music Marian! I am listening to the first song. Sounds great!

    How can you not love Juanes? Que viva Colombia pues 😉 A dios le pido is a classic! Though my fav song is: “Algun dia lejano” that just gets to me…

    AC/DC rock! ha ha I’m surprised 😉

    The other songs are new to me but its great to listen to them.

    Well done amiga! One day we’ll go on a road trip & we’ll have so much fun.

    *Hug* Miss Kay

  2. Thanks Shon! Reading your blog helped me get to know you a little better. 🙂

    Karla – AC/DC really not my type of music, I swear! Looking forward to a road trip!

  3. Really enjoyed your song choices! A few of those I had never heard before.

    For me, I just feel so happy when I travel. I feel closer to God when we are around nature, especially. One of my favorite songs that helps me remember to be me no matter where in the world I am is by Francesca Battistelli called “It’s Your Life”. Here is a link to it on YouTube.

    Thanks for including me in your blog. I have been traveling to visit family recently, but finally got around to catching up on things. 🙂

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