It’s Not Just About Shopping Anymore…

It's not just about shopping anymore...
Shopping in Ephesus, Turkey

The inevitable question of who is Travel Shop Girl and how did you arrive at your name seems to come up regularly these days. Someone recently said to me that I didn’t have shopping on my site. Well, you’re right – I don’t because this isn’t a shopping site. Do I write about shopping? Yes. But as people grow, change, and evolve, so does this site. But it’s not just about shopping anymore. The clothes in different countries such as Thailand and Sweden are incredible but it isn’t just about that anymore, it is also about digesting the beautiful cultures and sharing our different styles with each other, if you want to find out more about Swedish clothing then you should check out coola sandaler för pojkar.

While you probably won’t find me writing about shopping exclusively, while I’m traveling you’ll probably see pictures and video and maybe a little written about that experience. If I’ve gone shopping back home, you’ll probably find a pic of my shopping deal up on Instagram. And if I find something really great, either a product or service that I really, really like, you’ll find a post written about that on the site.

So if you’re looking for a girl who shops and travels, you’ve found her here, but you won’t find pages upon pages of posts dedicated to shopping exclusively. However, if you stick around and read some of my posts, you’ll definitely find something that’s more intriguing than shopping. Trust me on that one and you’ll understand why I say it’s not just about shopping anymore.

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