Hipmunk Hotels: Affordable Hotel Destinations from Portsmouth to Niagara Falls and More

The post below was originally published on Camille in Wonderlands on April 18, 2016.

From the natural wonder of Niagara Falls to the historical settlement of Portsmouth or the alpine playground of the Catskills Mountains, the upper Northeast of the U.S. has many tricks up its sleeves to make you fall under its spell – or more prosaically, to give you an amazing holiday experience! Here’s your guide to some of the best places to stay in this part of the country:


The small city of Portsmouth in New Hampshire offers several slices of fascinating American history topped with a charming seaside location and plenty of water activities. The best way to soak up the atmosphere is to stay in one of the harborside or downtown hotels, some of which are also heritage buildings telling a story of their own. From there you’ll be able to enjoy attractions such as the Strawberry Banke Museum and the Market Square, take boat tours, and of course gorge on lobster!

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The third oldest city in the United States, Newark serves as a gateway to New York City but is also a fascinating town that offers cheaper hotels than the Big Apple. It’s undergone significant urban renewal over the last decade or so, which means it has attracted many restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues. The Newark Museum will cater to your craving for culture, after which you can treat yourself to a high-energy hockey game at The Prudential Center.

Niagara Falls

The mighty Niagara Falls need no introduction: these spectacular chutes straddling the border between the United States and Canada are among nature’s most impressive shows and the world’s most famous tourist attractions. Staying at one of the great hotels close to the actionin either country will give you time to appreciate the Falls fully, admiring them from both sides and even getting splashed on a thrilling boat tour. You’ll also be able to enjoy the area’s other assets, including hiking in the Niagara Glen Nature, visiting the Niagara Falls History Museum and the Oakes Garden Theatre, and watching the pretty ballet of the butterflies at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.

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Nicknamed the “Queen of the Catskills”, the small village of Stamford in the Delaware County of New York is a gateway to the mountains and a stop on the Catskill Scenic Trail, a rail track that follows the old route of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad. It’s also a popular hand-gliding spot, although those who want to keep their feet on the ground may prefer to enjoy the view from the Mount Utsayantha observatory tower. Hotel options are limited but certainly do not lack character, featuring establishments such as The Colonial B&B at Stamford or the Victorian mansion of the Catskill Bed & Breakfast Spa.

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The capital of New York is an important airport hub and business center that offers sightseeing and entertainment opportunities such as the New York State Capitol, the New York State Museum, the Washington Park Historic District, or the cultural venues of the Palace Theatre and The Egg. History buffs, business travelers, and those flying to or from Albany can make the most of the convenient hotels located near the airport or in the city’s most welcoming districts.

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