Happy Father’s Day!

A big happy Father’s Day to all the loving, hard working, and dedicated fathers out there. Treasure your fathers today and everyday and treat them lovingly and with the utmost respect. Listen to their pearls of wisdom that they offer you with an open mind and heart. Trust that the love that they have for you comes from the heart and is pure and honest and always with the best of intentions. Appreciate them for all that they have done for you in the past, do for you in the present, and will do for you in the future. If you are old enough to have children, then you probably have already repeated many of the things your father told you as a child to your children. You may not have liked or appreciated what was said to you then, but as an adult you value those words as they were spoken with both intelligence and compassion and can only hope that your children view you in the same way in the future.

Happy Father’s Day to my husband, my father-in-law, and my father who is no longer with us, but still guides me and teaches me every single day of my life. You taught me the value of hard work, that their is joy in the service of helping others, and that family above all else is the most important thing in life. Miss you and love you Dad!

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