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Negril, a small beach town located on the westernmost edge of the island of Jamaica, is home to expansive white sand beaches, turquoise waters and genuine Jamaican charm. With an array of renowned all-inclusive resorts and boutique hotels, Negril attracts tourists seeking a true Jamaican experience each year.

The History of Negril
Legend claims it was once a popular port for pirate ships and that buried treasure can be discovered deep off the coast of the town’s west end. A nineteenth-century lighthouse stands on Negril Point, a reminder of Negril’s past as a quiet fishing village.

Surprisingly, Negril became a popular destination for tourists in the 1960s when a road into the once-isolated town was built. Negril soon evolved into an alluring resort destination. Some of the first tourists that took a liking to Negril were backpacking hippies of the time period, who gave the area the laid-back atmosphere it still retains today.

Negril Today
Comprised of a native population of only 3,000 residents, Negril remains one of the few locations in the Caribbean where visitors can receive first-class treatment while still experiencing the authentic and carefree vibe of the Jamaican culture.

Negril is famous for its seven-mile beach, which has been consistently rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world by various travel publications. The rocky cliffs along the coast of Negril, paired with its pristine beaches, provide a unique landscape and exceptional ocean views.

Things to Do
Although Negril is known as The Capital of Casual for its relaxing atmosphere, it also offers excursions for adventure seekers. There are many activities in Negril that will create memories for a lifetime – for both visitors and locals.

After trekking up the various cliffs along the shoreline, hikers can witness some of the most remarkable sunrises and sunsets in the world. Cliff diving is also a common activity for natives and tourists alike. Nature lovers can enjoy tours available at nearby preserves, and those who want to see marine life can go SCUBA diving and snorkeling within protected coral reefs. Additionally, local restaurants offer authentic Jamaican jerk cuisine while unforgettable reggae performances often take place at nearby venues.

A Unique Setting
Negril’s easygoing island vibe, the unmatched beauty of its landscape, and the many activities available create a setting unlike any other. Visitors can stay at nearby all-inclusive resorts for top-quality spa services and amenities or in one of the many family-run hotels along the shoreline for an authentic Jamaican experience.

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  2. This sounds like the perfect vacation spot. I am currently planning a trip for this summer. Not quite sure where I want to go, but Negril is currently at the top of my list! Thanks for the great info 🙂

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