Fun Shore Excursions in the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean

Blue Lagoon
As more people consider cruising, I often recommend the short 3- and 4-day Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise as an option to anyone considering a cruise. These cruises are like a sampler at a restaurant as they give you a taste of what cruising is like without a huge commitment to a longer cruise. After they have booked their Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruises, many often ask for advice on excursions while in the Bahamas. One recommendation that I make is the Blue Lagoon Sea Lion Encounter in Nassau. Although you might expect me to recommend the dolphin swim or dolphin encounter excursion, I like the sea lion encounter.  This is because it is less crowded and the reviews I get afterwards confirms that this is always a fun time for everyone, regardless of their age or swimming ability.

While on this Royal Caribbean excursion, before getting in the water with the sea lions, you are given an instructional class on how to behave in the water around the animals. Then you are taken down into the water and you now have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the sea lions. A few of the sea lions, PJ, Andre, and Kalika, are movie stars! They’ve appeared in movies such as “Andre” and “Slappy and the Stinkers” so if you have never gotten up close to a movie star, here’s your chance. You get to feed them fish, give “kisses,” and enjoy this incredible once in a lifetime activity. Afterwards, you can walk around and see the dolphins or have lunch before heading back to the ship.

When you book your Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise, book your excursions as early as possible since they can sell out quickly. If you wait until you are on board, you might miss out on that excursion that you have been dreaming of taking. Besides, if you book in advance, you’ll pay in advance, which means you get to go on board with no worries about how big your bill will be at the end of the cruise. That also means no guilt if you do spend money on board!


2 thoughts on “Fun Shore Excursions in the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean

  1. Wow I never even know there was such a type of cruise! Admittedly I generally try to stay away from cruises since I don’t like being ‘stuck’ in one place for a long period of time.. but this sounds really fun 😉 x

  2. You should definitely try one just to see if it could work for you. Short cruises are a great introduction to cruising and longer ones are great for relaxing, but also seeing lots of different ports

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