A Bit of the Unusual in Barcelona

What would a post about Barcelona from the Travel Shop Girl be without a mention of the unusual? I just love the strange and unexpected things I see in my travels. Just past the really cool Barcelona yellow and black taxi in the picture below is what else, but a Dunkin’ Coffee shop.

Imagine my excitement when I saw a vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona! Although we didn’t eat there, I was excited to see that a vegetarian restaurant was easy to locate in La Rambla. This is a fast food vegetarian restaurant and is for stand-up or take out service only. The menu consists of falafel, salad, french fries, and beverages. But still – it’s vegetarian!

You didn’t expect me to not find a Subway restaurant in Barcelona, did you? Yes, there was at least one and I suspect several more. The obvious highlight is that it’s combined with a sports bar. What’s better than a beer with your 6-inch cold cut combo or meatball sub?

Speaking of beer, look at the choices available in the window of this store. Admittedly, I stopped because I saw the Duff beer, but look at the cannabis beer next to it. Progressive! This is sure to make way for any new medical cannabis or Private Label CBD companies that are wishing to get their foot through the door in the legalized marijuana industry in different countries over the world. Who knows where the cannabis sector will be in the next five years?!

We went inside the store to browse and I had to take pictures. First up: Ruffles Potato Chips. Yes, that flavor is ham and cheese.

How about a bag of Lays Potato Chips in Barbecue Ham flavor? Meat and potatoes all in one serving!

Now who says travel can’t be fun? With a camera in hand wherever you go, you can discover the unusual wherever you go. Up next in Barcelona: We’re finally stopping for tapas!

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