Tasty Tapas: An Ultimate Food Allergy Guide to Spanish Tapas

Thursday 16th June 2016 is World Tapas Day – a celebration of the classic and popular dish, Spanish tapas.

Eating tapas is much more than just a way of serving food, it has its own place in the history of Spain and represents the Spanish culture – a way of eating and a way of living.

But enjoying a selection of tapas in the Spanish sunshine is less enjoyable for some people, and can even cause stress and anxiety.  For people with food allergies or special dietary requirements, travelling abroad and enjoying the local gastronomy can be stressful.

Food allergy facts

  • It is estimated that 1 in 20 people suffer from a food allergy or intolerance.
  • Every 3 minutes, a food allergy reaction will send someone to the emergency room

In recognition of the high number of people suffering from food allergies, and to celebrate World Tapas Day organised for the second year running by the Spanish Tourist Board, Spain-Holiday.com have created a handy infographic Tasty Tapas guide to the top classic and vegan tapas with food allergy symbols.

Jannich Petersen, COO of Spain-Holiday.com, leading holiday rental specialist in Spain commented:

“Holidaymakers with special dietary requirements have always tended to choose self-catering accommodation for their holidays abroad, since it gives them some degree of control over their meals.   Barcelona recently being named the first Veg-Friendly City and even though restaurants and bars in Spain are becoming more accommodating to dietary requirements such as offering gluten-free options for celiac sufferers, eating out with special dietary requirements can be stressful.

Spain-Holiday.com has created this Tasty Tapas Guide to help people suffering from food allergies enjoy the delights of tapas in Spain” as well as handy cut-out-and-carry food allergy translation cards in Spanish for nuts, gluten, shellfish, dairy and egg allergies as well as for vegans and vegetarians.

When travelling to countries where you are not fluent in the language, it is recommended to carry a card with important food allergy or intolerance information that has been translated into the required language.

World Tapas Day

World Tapas Day