Eurodam Cruises | A Holland America Ship Tour Part II

In part one of our tour of Holland America’s ms Eurodam, we covered several of the public areas on the ship. Since there is so much to cover, we had to break the tour down into parts so here is part two.

Fitness Center

The fitness center, located on the Lido Deck behind the spa area, is fully outfitted with state of the art equipment including a multitude of treadmills, freeweights, and more. There is even an area for spin classes, too.

Fitness Center

Perhaps the average age of a Holland America cruiser tends to be slightly older than other cruise lines, but we never had an issue finding open equipment. On some other cruise lines the treadmills are usually always occupied by walkers, but we were able to jump on and run to our heart’s content without battling anyone. The only obstacle we did face was that we were absolutely convinced the captain hadn’t turned the stabilizers on so we felt a whole lot of rocking on the ship. That we could deal with but trying to run on a ship that’s swaying can be a little somewhat disorienting.

Fitness Center

Lift a few weights, run a little, take a spin on a bike, and then what? If you’re not up to taking a class or a one on one consultation with a personal trainer, there are other equally relaxing options.

The Greenhouse Spa

How about relaxing on a heated lounger. Just you and your thoughts and the anticipation of treatments yet to come. The Greenhouse Spa & Salon features heavenly beauty and wellness rituals that invigorate your mind, body, and soul. Enjoy a facial, hot stone massage, steam in a thermal suite and have your hair and nails done for a special evening. I loved the fire and ice pedicure I had as it helped my achy and dry winter feet get ready for the warm weather on our cruise.

For a real treat, why not slip into the hydro pool? With the temperature lower than in a hot tub and minerals in the water, people say that they feel their aches and pains slip away into the water. Keep in mind that you will need to book the thermal suite package in order to use the hydro pool. That part I didn’t like very much as this area was large and there were hardly ever anyone in it. The cost: $125 per person for the duration of your cruise or $199 for a couple. Considering the amount of money I spent in the spa, I couldn’t understand why I needed to spend extra to use this area so I passed on it.

The Retreat

Would you rather spend time outside? How about the Retreat? Your own private oasis located high above the rest. The exclusive Retreat cabanas are the ultimate place to relax surrounded by healthy refreshments and luxurious amenities. High up on deck 11 with cushiony comfy loungers, dedicated staff, and all the privacy that you could ever want, this area is great if you don’t mind forking over more cash, yet again. I’m surprised at the number of people who have to book these in advance for fear that they may not get one because when we arrived on the ship, there were several still open and available. If you don’t mind laying out but having to walk down another deck to the pool, then you might like this area. If you absolutely must have one, book in advance online or talk to one of the staff members in this area during embarkation day.

If after a day or two you decided you would prefer not to be one deck up from the pool, there is an alternate option available. Try out the cabanas next to the pool area. The private cabanas are available to reserve by the day or by the cruise. They are tastefully decorated, filled with amenities and provide an exquisite poolside retreat. I personally liked that they had robes hanging on the wall, just waiting for the next person to slip into after they climb out of the pool.

Sea View Pool

After spending time in the fitness center, spa, and your private cabana, you can always take a quick dip in the Sea View pool, too. This area is reserved for adults and is on the opposite end of the same deck where the Lido Pool, the family friendly pool, resides. With tons of deck chairs, a bar, and Slice – the pizza restaurant, you never have to get out of the pool or the hot tub.

Lido Pool

Why would I want to go to the Sea View pool when everyone is going to the Lido Pool? Because everyone is in the Lido Pool! This picture is of the Lido Pool on embarkation day even before we have left the port. They were setting up for their sailaway barbecue, but the pool was full and the chairs all around were already taken. We chose to avoid the crowds altogether, but if you like crowds or don’t mind sharing the small pool, it might be fine for you. I do wish they had a bigger pool or more chairs in this area since it always seemed cramped, especially for a relatively new ship.

Next time we’ll cover two of the specialty dining restaurants on the ship: Canaletto and Tamarind. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!