I Didn’t Disappear – I’m Moving and Why Moving is Overrated

I’m Moving!

Image via Flickr by Mark Moz

Did you think Travel Shop Girl disappeared altogether and was gone for good? Well, you can’t get rid of me that fast. Turns out I’m moving and that has preoccupied the majority of my life for the past several weeks.

movingWhile we’ve been thinking about moving for some time, I started the process of decluttering and selling off items I was no longer using back in November. On April 1st I decided to call a few realtors to interview them and before I knew it, we had the house on the market in about two weeks.

Image via Flickr by Aqua Mechanical
Image via Flickr by Aqua Mechanical

This was no easy process as it meant staging our house, selling furniture and other items to clear it out to make it picture perfect for the MLS listing, and cleaning until I couldn’t clean anymore. Seriously. Like my hands were so sore from cleaning and cracked from being wet all the time. Yuck. And packing and packing and now I shudder when I see packing tape and cardboard boxes. That meant something had to give and writing about my travel here on the website unfortunately was ignored. Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, so it was interesting to find someone like this real estate Blacksburg who could help when looking for a different place for us.

movingBetween dealing with real estate agents, furniture rental companies, storage companies for storing items until the move, attorneys, contracts, people buying my stuff, getting into a new place and needing to buy and plan for that place, I’m super stressed. Although, I must say how glad I was to have dependable Removal Van Hire near me at hand to help! While initially, it was fun thinking about a new place, I’ve decided that moing is completely overrated and I don’t want to buy or sell a house again. At least for now. But now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon we will be packing up and leaving this house for a brand new adventure. Buying a new home or land could come with stresses but the joy of moving into somewhere like Sovereign Hills really makes the whole experience worthwhile.

I remember my friend telling about all of the things that you should be concerned about before purchasing a house. She was telling me things to look out for that I would never have thought about looking at. One of the main things she said to look out for was whether the gutters were clean or not. Although this seems minor, it can cause a lot of bigger problems in the future. Clogged gutters can lead to pests and rodents, as well as structural damage to your home if the rainwater has nowhere to go. She told me that when she bought her first home, she didn’t check the gutters. Apparently, she needed to contact Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Minneapolis to unblock the gutters. After that experience, she always checks the gutters, as well as other things too. There seems to be a lot more to buying a house than I thought!

I’m coming back from my brief hiatus and can’t wait to get back into my normal groove of writing, traveling, and take loads of pics and videos. I have a new trip coming up in two weeks and of course, my crazy summer adventure with CruiseMiss this summer. Stay tuned!

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