Chilean Miners Go on Vacation

Imagine being stuck 2,000 feet underground for 69 days with a bunch of men and no daylight. The offers of book and movie deals, job offers, and cold hard cash are pouring in, but what these men need is a vacation.

Yes, these guys deserve a vacation and they are about to experience the best of all possible worlds. Here are just a few of the offers extended to them:

1. Two European soccer teams invited them to visit their stadiums in Britain and Spain. The Chilean soccer team invited them to accompany the team to a match in South Korea.

2. Elvis Fan, Edison Pena, requested Elvis tunes in the mine and as a result, Elvis Entertainment Inc. offered Pena and his wife a tour of Las Vegas with Elvis impersonator and the official Elvis of Las Vegas, Jesse Garon. In addition, Pena will receive five-star accommodations, show tickets, and vow-renewal ceremony in a 1955 pink Cadillac under the Las Vegas “Welcome” sign.

3. Trips to the Dominican Republic
4. Trips to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica
5. Trips the Greek Islands

While all of these sound great, I’m surprised there haven’t been more offers by the major airlines, cruise lines, or hotel chains. I would think some marketing genius would love the free advertising. Imagine the miners at sea on one of the mega-cruise ships or flying first class to a luxury resort.

If I had been stuck below ground for 69 days, I would want to go somewhere sunny and wide open. How about a trip to the Grand Canyon? C’mon Arizona Department of Tourism – this is your moment so go out there and promote! Where would you want the miners to go on vacation?

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