9 Reasons Why I’m Taking a Northeast Road Trip

Northeast Road Trip
My itinerary for my Northeast Road Trip

How’s that for a map? I’m about to embark on an adventure of a Northeast road trip with my friend and UK cruise blogger, Danielle Fear (aka CruiseMiss).  I’m flying out today and picking her up on Sunday to show her the best of the Northeast. Here are just a few of the reasons why I’m taking a Northeast road trip.

We're getting a convertible yo'! Time to be ballers and drive a convertible. Click To Tweet
  1. Nothing says summer like a road trip. Jump in the car and head out anywhere and enjoy that sun for as long as you can before Winter decides to come calling.
  2. The planning is over and now it’s time to have fun! We’ve been planning this trip since October of last year so now we get to sit back and enjoy. We’re headed to some great US destinations that include Atlantic City; Delaware; Washington, DC; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Lancaster, PA; Bear Mountain, NY, Lexington and Salem, MA, Boston, before staying a few days in NYC to finish up our trip.
  3. It’s not just a road trip, it’s a girls road trip. That means lots of laughing, chatting, and adult beverages, but only the first two while driving.
  4. We’re getting a convertible yo’! Time to be ballers and drive a convertible. That’ll mean the wind will blow through our hair all sexy like. Or at least the bugs will be in our teeth.
  5. Video whether I like it or not.  There’ll be a GoPro on the windshield to record every second of fun.
  6. Danielle’s first baseball game. Although not a Red Sox game, I’m happy to report that I’m escorting CruiseMiss to her first American baseball game. I see hot dogs, beer, and Cracker Jack in her future.
  7. Eastern State Penitentiary. We organized a group of 9 women to conduct a paranormal investigation at ESP.  With a bag full of ghost hunting equipment and the place all to ourselves, what can go wrong?
  8. Sopranos Tour in NY/NJ. The Sopranos was like the Walking Dead is to me right now, which is a complete addiction. So to get a chance to tour such places like Pizzaland and of course, the Bada Bing.
  9. Down time to plan our next trip. Yes we will use this trip to plan our trip next year (fingers crossed). And by down time I mean when we’re having drinks.

We’ll be posting heavily on social media (#TwoChicksAndARoadTrip) so check out the links at the top of the page for everything and also Periscope, where you can find me as what else, but Travel Shop Girl.

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