Would You Cruise with a Celebrity?

Cruise with a Celebrity

cruise with a celebrity
Which celebrities would you like to share a cruise ship with?

Are you a celebrity watcher?  Do you enjoy hearing the latest celebrity gossip including exactly what your favorite celebrity is up to?  The question then is would you want to cruise with a celebrity?  While some might consider going on a cruise where a celebrity is performing, would you want to sail side by side on a cruise with a celebrity?  This question was posed to the public and the answers revealed in a fun infographic.

For some Friday fun, visit the web site here where you can click on the infographic and play a fun little game. The question asked of the public was which celebrity would you not mind sharing a cruise ship with.   Find out what the rest of the country chose and if they got it right.  Click on one of the greyed out areas and discover how the voting went.  Personally, I am loving who got picked as head chef.  Can you imagine if we really had the opportunity to pick and choose who gets to be our entertainment, cabin hosts, or who gets put out to sea?

And yes, the one put out to sea should probably just stay there for a while.  Agree or disagree? Would you cruise with a celebrity?

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