Why Cruising is the Perfect Vacation

Cruising is the Perfect Vacation
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Cruising is the perfect vacation for someone wanting to sample a variety of destinations. This is true for anyone who may not have had a chance to travel certain destinations previously such as young travelers, like college students and twenty-somethings, as well as families who maybe are looking for an affordable and interesting vacation. Where else can you go to your hotel or resort and arrive the next day in a completely different location? The worse case scenario if you don’t like a port? Don’t worry because tomorrow you’ll be somewhere else! If you do like a port, you’ll remember that you like it and you’ll make plans to for a land based vacation in the future. We fell in love with St. Maarten this way and now enjoy any time we can spend there on a beach like in this video.

Another reason I like cruising is because of the fun I have had on cruises with my family. Although we may each have different interests, we have found that there is something for everyone on a cruise. My son, who is now in high school, has enjoyed the children’s programs and now the teen programs on board different cruise ships. He enjoys the freedom of being able to hang out with his new friends and we like the safety and security of knowing that he is on the ship with supervision by the cruise staff. My husband loves having the fitness center and track on board so he can run every day, sometimes more than once a day. He also likes that the cruise ships have satellite TV so if we are away when an important game is on, he can always sneak away and find a bar or lounge with a game on. I like having access to the spa and the pools since I don’t get to go swimming all the time. Sitting at sea in a hot tub looking out over the water can be incredibly relaxing, especially if you find that you are going full speed all of the time when you are back at home.

With so many people never having been on a cruise before, they don’t know what it is like and I think most of them have the wrong idea of what a cruise vacation is like. In addition to the variety of activities and the ability to visit different ports, once someone has tried cruising, they end up so surprised and excited and begin to feel differently about cruise vacations.  All of their preconceived ideas of what cruising was about turned out to be completely wrong. 

I truly believe there is a cruise experience available for everyone and it’s not all about big ships and cheap food. It’s about the experience that meets your needs and provides you with the vacation experience you have been waiting for patiently.

3 thoughts on “Why Cruising is the Perfect Vacation

  1. I can’t agree more! Nowadays there is no excuse for not cruising, is an overwhelming experience and each family member will have their own ratings and I’m sure will be over and beyond they expected. BTW wonderful blog! I love it!

    Leila Reyes
    Travel Professional

  2. From my point of view, you are right cruising is the perfect vacation for young travelers, like college students as well as families who maybe are looking for an affordable and interesting vacation. Many people book a cruise vacation to celebrate a milestone like a birthday honeymoon or anniversary. Thanks a lot..

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